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Why like this?

This is regarding news in the Indian media regarding attacks on Indian students. Why is the media making it a big issue? Even in United States there were many instances where Indian students were killed. But the media did not focus much on it. There r some incidents of attacks on Indians in Melbourne and Sydney but not in whole of Australia. The magnitude of attacks is not as severe as the media projects it. Guys, my intention is not to hurt anybody, I do understand and sympathies with plight of the victims and families .Is the magnitude of attacks and conditions as severe as the Indian media projects it? Why is the Indian media projecting it? I just wanted to know the facts.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Advice to Wipro- 2009 Passed out- Part3

Those has finance support can go for MS in the specialization. Or start your own company. It’s like only in India we are so desperate abut job. I mean everybody want to do engineering or medical and no other field.making it too competitive. So there must be a balance.The country like China. Or Indonesia are not in such problems of job desperation like India, it is like we are ready to WASTE OUR 500 HRS TIME IN FINDING DATE OF JOINING and thus doing really nothing for our growth. Let joining happens on its course. Let us drive our mind.and start something really substantional. It’s all about thinking differently. Let’s discuss.

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