Tuesday, November 3, 2009

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Why like this?

This is regarding news in the Indian media regarding attacks on Indian students. Why is the media making it a big issue? Even in United States there were many instances where Indian students were killed. But the media did not focus much on it. There r some incidents of attacks on Indians in Melbourne and Sydney but not in whole of Australia. The magnitude of attacks is not as severe as the media projects it. Guys, my intention is not to hurt anybody, I do understand and sympathies with plight of the victims and families .Is the magnitude of attacks and conditions as severe as the Indian media projects it? Why is the Indian media projecting it? I just wanted to know the facts.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Advice to Wipro- 2009 Passed out- Part3

Those has finance support can go for MS in the specialization. Or start your own company. It’s like only in India we are so desperate abut job. I mean everybody want to do engineering or medical and no other field.making it too competitive. So there must be a balance.The country like China. Or Indonesia are not in such problems of job desperation like India, it is like we are ready to WASTE OUR 500 HRS TIME IN FINDING DATE OF JOINING and thus doing really nothing for our growth. Let joining happens on its course. Let us drive our mind.and start something really substantional. It’s all about thinking differently. Let’s discuss.

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Advice to Wipro- 2009 Passed out- Part2

so by looking at the above example there is a very less probability that power plant
industry will take basic engineering student as a fresher, .and India shining is now
concentrated completely on NRGEA (maximum budgetary support sector) so, agriculture and fertilizer boom..Will drive the rural market.So there is a little bit of something store for us.

Clear concept, get some job, if want to fun.otherwise prepare hard for clearing concept and start your own venture...may be after working in the same industry( may be entering there as diploma since diploma job are more in core industry ) learning

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Advice to Wipro- 2009 passed out- Part1

Big time mess but there is HOPE.
Big time crisis BUT there is a HOPE

Well! Everybody seems to be aware of the fact that, there has been RECESSION.
But we were all thinking it is Information Technology industry.
But to be really honest it has got a new dimension. All the field got affected badly.
As I can see, company like TATA MOTORS, Tata son company like TATA CONSULTING ENGINEERINGS have delayed joining date till march 2010 Motorola till April 2010.
EXETER SYSTEMS may 2010, perot system September 2010, oracle December 2010,
Manhattan (cancelled), free scale semiconductor (cancelled).our WIPRO January 2010 much better position.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Enhance the IT security

We all know that many of the IT people around the world lost their job because of the economic depression. But still I urge you people to take up IT course to excel in your life. It is very important to pursue your education from the well reputed organization. IT professionals need to be smarter enough to safeguard the security of the company from the hands of hackers. Hackers are the head ache for all the companies who can crash the security systems and do whatever they want. IT professionals need to be smarter than the hackers and make sure that their security system is hard enough to crash. Recently I came to know about the site named EC-Council which is authorized center for providing training to security professionals. They are offering different trainings for IT Security which include Ethical Hacking, penetration testing, security fundamentals, disaster recovery, secure programming and computer forensics. The beauty of this site is that you can gain knowledge about the above said field without moving your feet. You can learn about these areas from your home itself through online. There are plenty of job opportunities waiting for Certified Ethical Hacker. So what are you waiting for? Visit this site for sure and make use of it.


Take severe action against them

This is for all readers..When people who hardly know the value of education are kept at the chairmen level of Universities and Colleges, this is what happens. If you could do an article on JPR and Babu manoharan regarding how they run the college and the weird rules,it would help enlighten a lot of parents who sent their kids to these institutes expecting high quality education. I have been an alumni of Sathyabama University and I have no respect for the University. These people in the name of imparting education show more of their disciplinary skills rather than doing any help. Probably with a suspension, he would get a sem drop,with which if he graduates probably would end up getting no job. I wish some journalist did a cover story on the deemed to be universities and private colleges in Chennai

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Monday, June 8, 2009

shame on colleges

An Engineering college student committed suicide because of the torture given by the college administration. This incident is a shameful mark and a reminder to the public that colleges today are not colleges but extended schools. Many colleges esp. in Tamilnadu and all over India, treat students as if they were in Primary School. College Administration thinks that by doing this they are inducing discipline in students. But they are not aware that college students are grown ups and should be treated as adults who are capable of taking responsibility of their actions. Instead of making them own unto their actions, college administration and teachers think that they are disciplining the student. I suggest that all teachers and the so called college administration should see the movie "Dear Sir" and learn a few things for themselves.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

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Survival to the fittest

We all know that we are facing an extremely tough situation in all the work place. The employees have to adjust to any kind of situation and should be ready to work any environments. This makes him master of all trades. Through this means he can improve his knowledge and at the same time can have very wide range of job opportunities. This is very good for a competitive environment and helps to find employees of greater talent. This can be done by managers who are responsible for the welfare of their staffs. They have to expose their employees to a wider variety of programs which will help them to improve their work ability.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

cash 4 gold

Hi friends! Everyone in this world would have experienced the effect of global economy meltdown in some way. I am also one of the victims among others in this world. Today in this post, I would like to publish a valuable post which will be informative for most of us who hurts badly by this on going recession. I know many of the people around the globe lost their job and are suffering badly in need of money to run the life.

We all know that Gold is considered as the most precious metal available on earth. There is no metal on the earth which as greater demand and greater value than the gold. This is because of its quality and sheer strength as a metal. Women are attracted towards this metal to a great extent. In fact the very word GOLD itself will bring immense happiness and smile for woman. Not only this but also gold has greater significance in other fields. This is the reason why it is the most sought metal on the earth.

But on the other hand it also has a minus point and the minus point is that its value is very high when compared to the other metals. This is why many people finding it difficult to have large possession of gold. During economic crisis like this the value of gold has actually gone up. If someone has gold in his or her reserve and they want to convert it money they can do so using cash 4 gold concept. There is a website called cash4gold.com which has introduced a scheme called cash 4 gold, in which one can make money using the reserve they have. This is indeed a great booster for those who are in dire need of money. To know more about this please does visit cash4gold.com. This will be very helpful for you.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Aadi Thiruvizha in Jameen Royapet

Hi folks! In this post I wanna tell you about the festival (Aadi Thiruvizha) which happened in the area (Jameen Royapet), 1 KM away from my house. Each year they celebrate this festival in a grand manner. They celebrate this festival for 4 days and they finish it off with the Thee Medi (walking on fire) event. As usual this year also they started their celebration with bang on Thursday. Paravai Muniyamma is the first guest to this grand festival. She set the whole stage on fire in the very first day itself. Then lots of cultural activities were conducted by the village organizer which showed our traditional culture and heritage. Their fire works had stolen many eyes and everyone had enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Police gave full safety to the public and organizers also did their job perfectly to avoid any bad things. On the whole this Aadi festival finished in a grand manner and I added few videos and photos of this grand festival.

In this video, a devotee fell in the fire. It is a bit risky prayer and i wish it should end up in a safe manner

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ultimate Paintball

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symposium @ prathyusha - march 11

Hi........... guys there is a NATIONAL LEVEL TECHNICAL symposium ASPRIT to be
organized in PRATHYUSHA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYS AND MANAGEMENT. In that there will be many exciting events to b organized.
we have also planned to organize Robotics in our college. In specific we have the event called "HOT PURSUIT" which is just a race of RC-controlled robot in various platform
also other events such as
4. e-FUN
so the cash prize will be the best satisfactory ... there will not be any disappointment for sure ...
so please prepare for this accordingly and do pass on this message to all interested people.
Date : march 11
website :esprit09.weebly.com

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Automeet - MIT, Anna Univ

Celebrating 60 years from its inception, MIT's Automobile Department is truly proud to present the 31st edition of annual techno-symposium, Automeet. With a whopping 13+ onsite events, 3 online events and numerous attractions lined up, it is one show you wouldn't want to miss..
Here's the link:
Date: 26 - 27 Feb 2009
Some of the highlights include:
- Auto Expo - the latest and best cars and bikes on offer
- Go-Karting - you get to drive an actual Kart!
- Stunt Show - Drifting, wheelies, stoppies, the like..
- Burnout
- Offroad RC car race - A race to determine the ultimate vehicle that can take to a dirt track like fish to water
- Virtual Car Remodeling
- Online events: auto quiz and general quiz have already started. Head to www.automeet09.com/online.php and jump in. If you want the first set of queues, mail to admin@automeet09.com
- Plus all the regulars like car sketching, crossword etc
Set your thoughts on fire!
Total of 14 on-site events, 3 online events, & 3 attractions!
Last date for paper: 20th February
Intimation: 24th February