Saturday, October 27, 2007


hi friends
Happy diwali 2 u all.......
This post is about the birthday celebration of my best friend Muthu Pandi Ssuhu ku Road Roller Beku Vivek Kumar.

He is currently doing Bio tech in CEG and going 2 do masters in abroad.
Bayangrama Selavu Pannuvan(ponugalaku matum)

Yet 2 give his BirthDay party,GRE party,TOEFL party,CEG party,Entrance , +2 party and so on.
Frankly speaking avan Ennoda mossam.

He celebrated his bday last week,me and idly was playing non stop batting in railway ground.
Bayagrama velaydinu irrunden(i was in good nic),suddenly i got a message from one of my friend (goyya) stating that "machi come 2 vivek house".. Clean Bowled(romba rasiyana payan)Babes usharrrrrrrr

Then myself and idly went 2 room and after refreshing ourselves, went 2 vivek's house.
My mom asked me,whether 2 prepare dinner 4 me. I replied her nope,i am going 2 attend bday party,party weight AREVA MANAGER pulla,Kanndipa atleast Grand Palace kootitu povan. so no need 2 prepare dinner 4 me....

All my friends gathered in one place and v all entered into vivek's house.

We started the celebration Usually in Unusual way.
I am the one who started the birthday BASH.
CAKE , TOMATO abishekam ellam nadantadu.Then rest of them joined me and started damaging the ROAD ROLLER(vivek).

It continued for 30 minutes.Naduvala naraya CENSORED MATTERLA nadandadhu.vivek begged me not to reveal those things.Polachi Poooo china payaa........

Then after bash,we all took fotos.
Finally we all asked vivek abt the treat( annjapper or GrandPalace).He nodded his head negatively..

I immediately made a call to my house and asked my mom to prepare dinner 4 me also,but it was too late.Ellaram sapptu mudichitanga...then i went 2 fast food and had my dinner........Idha kekarathuku Yarrume illaya.....?
Thus the bday ended in sad manner for us...
Valga valamudan.....Vivek ........
If u know anything interesting abt vivek, please tell us through comment.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Slam Post

Hi there, i've just thought converting my Slam book, to a slam post. All of u out there are welcome to fill it up.........

Just answer the questions in ur comments!

The Questions go as:::

1.Your Name:-

2.Lovingly Called:-

3.Your BirthDay and Zodiac:-

4.Contact Details:-

5.What is a Friend?:-

6.What is Love?:-

7.Wildest Dreams:-

8.Sweet Recollections:-

9.Any Confession:-

10.Good Things about Me:-

11.Some Bad One (2 be honest):-

12.Few words for Me :-

13.How should I remember you???:-

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nick names of BOOPATHI

Nick name is the common thing in all of our life.Nick is directly proportionly 2 time.Nick name of ones will change as time changes.One can have N number of Nick names.I just listed some of my Nick names .

· Boobu - This name is set by my mom.Most of the people call me by this name.

· Boobi - This name is just like the above one(In tamil it is known as maruvuu of boobu).Some Maruvuu will give some double be cautious while naming.

· Boost - This name is set by my area guys.At that time only Sachin started to appear in Ad for Boost(Baji is one of my area guy)

· All thota boopathi - Yes,your instinct is correct....

· Aaluu - This name is set by "The Great Thiyagu Sir",he just reduced the above one and fixed it.

· Question paper boopathi-I got this name while appearing 4 common exam in +1.This is the time, when TEAM INDIA enters the grand World Cup-03 Final.They rocked the whole series.No one studied properly.Then i used my influence and i distributed all +1 question papers to some of my friends(boys) including choose and fill ups.But one of the begger in my group sold all the question paper for 200 bugs each, to my fellow class mate(girl).She bargained,but he refused it.what next,she just went and nicely told every thing my AS(Academic Supervisior).She took this matter 2 my Principal.Next Day we were standing in indoor audi just before the commencement of the physics exam.There came principal and asked that guy who sold auestion paper to meet her after finishing the exams.He pin pointed me and he escaped from that matter.After that they raised millions of questions 2 me,just 2 know how i got that questions for 3 weeks.Thank God,he failed...who?that guy who sold the question paper.Finally they released me from this matter...Then people called by this name...

· Kai pulla - In second yr,we started one sangam(varathapadatha vallibar sangam).Ham the leader of that sangam.In the film winner, this post is ruled by vadivel(kaipulla).Thtaz y.....

These are all my Nick names.If i missed any one or if u want 2 set any nick names 4 me plz do comment with appropriate reason.And also comment ur favourite Nick name of mine...

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Answers 4 the second match

Once again I thank all the participants.As i told before,i will combine the results of the previous one with this result and collectively decide the winner.
Every one is coming with some answers,which may be correct.But it is not the one ham looking for.Everyone saying that u r changing the answers accordingly with intention of not 2 give away prize 2 anybody.But i promise,ham not doing this.

am i entertaining u? Is it nice r boring?

Here is d Answers:
Ragav-Vijay(Chairmans of CSE)
Sri Lakshmi-Bai(Bus+Thupatta matter)
A.B-Aishu(Hubby & Wife)
And the winner is Priya.she got 5 pts out of 15.but she didnt participated in previous match.despite she got high mark than others.well done DIAMOND BAPU.thanks 4 participating.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Answers to the Match no 1..

Hard luck guys and gals... I am sorry to say that no one got the answers that i was looking for.. Although, i received some gud answers from many g&g, no one could get through my thoughts.. Enna purinju vechukitavanga yaarume iliya?? ok.. Now, time for the answers...

1) Sadesh -- Thala ( Sadesh is a big fan of Ajith)
2) Arun -- Divya ( Hubby and wife)
3) Vijay -- Sambu (Sambu is a big fan of vijay)
4) Bala -- Sankar ( Follower of sankaracharya)
5) Kudi -- Kalyani (Brand)
So, most of them got the last one right obviously... Bcoz neenga kudiya romba nalla purinju vechrukeenga.. So, next time, konjam moolaya kasakkunga while answering.. All the best for next match..