Sunday, February 24, 2008

The minus points in Indian Cricket eam

Today India loses the match against the Oz in just 18 runs short. Oz won the toss and elected to bat first. Right from the first over, they dominated our bowling attack. The entire Oz batsman regained their form and thrashed the young Indian bowling attack. They managed to score 317 runs in 50overs. Ricky Ponting hits his first century in this series.

Then India came to bat with a huge target. Once again Sachin was LBW by Bret Lee. Then Sehwag and Rohit Sharma followed Sachin to the pavilion. Then the most elegant left hander Yuvraj Singh came to bat and he fell cheaply to Stuart Clark. Then the Indian innings was steadied by the solid partnership between captain Dhoni and Gambhir. Dhoni departs after scoring selfish knock of 36 of 66 balls. Then Uthappa and Gambhir fought a lot but already the required rate hits the Himalayas. Gambhir scored a brilliant 111 and Uthappa scored 56. Harbhajan and Pathan also contributed some runs in the slog over. At last India managed to get 299 in 49.1 overs. Bret Lee once again took 5 wickets haul.

I don’t find any difference between the previous senior team and the present junior team. Here I want to list few suggestions to the Indians in order to improve in next match.

Sachin should be rested in the next match. Since he had played lots of matches continuously in this tour, he should take some rest and come well in the finals.

Sreesanth should be dropped in next match. He is not finding his line and length properly through out this series. Either Manoj Tiwari or Praveen Kumar should give another chance. It will add strength to batting also.

Rohit Sharma and Yuvraj Singh should be dropped. For both of the player enough opportunity has been given. But they didn’t use it properly. Yuvraj is not all totally fit. We are having enough resources there in dressing room. It is absolutely mad to stick with these players. May be Dinesh Karthick and Suresh Raina should give chance.

Dhoni should play his natural game. Everybody knows he plays with his own style. He is not a player who can play strokes where there is a gap. He is a hard hitter. So there is no point in leaving the ball and playing dot balls. It is totally absurd playing dot balls and leaving the ball when the required rate is above 7 per over. At least you can rotate the strike. Earlier, Dravid did the same mistake. Now Dhoni took his job. Then what is difference between you two. Dhoni should play his natural innings if not, please come down the order and ask Uthappa to bat ahead of Dhoni.

These are the few points I want to suggest the Indian Captain to follow to win the next match. Still we got one more match to go. It is the must win situation for us. So act accordingly, rectify your mistakes, follow the above said lists and play wisely.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

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Hi everyone!!

In my last post I described about the flaws in the first day of TECHOFES. It will not be fair if I didn’t tell about the rest of the days in TECHOFES.

The second and third day of TECHOFES simply rocks. It vansihes the blunder that happened in the first day. In second day I participated in DUMB C prelims. And the mega event of second day was simply superb. VARIETY was bagged by MIT. And I watched LIGHT MUSIC event fully but I don’t the result. But all the colleges performed like a professionals. During light music, few minutes rain did the collapse. But all ends in nice manner.

And in the third day, the mega even was the FASHION SHOW and CHOERO NITE. FASHION SHOW was bagged by defending champs LOYOLA. They simply rocked the RAMP. And coming to my favorite event CHOERO NITE, totally around 10 colleges entered into the finals. The unexpected team was MADHA ENGINEERING COLLEGE. They performed a theme dance with huge set and cool costume. And the tough competition between the CRESCENT and the defending champs AM JAIN. Both performed equally well. And the third place was shared by SASTHA and ETHIRAJ. Second place was shared by MADHA and AM JAIN. And the winner was undoubtedly the CRESCENT.

The TECHOFES 08 was ended with the DJ NITE. After a long time, I thoroughly enjoyed myself by dancing non-stop with my school friends.

The main stage looked cool and the settings were grand with good light settings. And the informal events conducted by both AIRTEL and PRESIDENT OF TECHOFES added even more flavor to the cultural.

On the whole, TECHOFES 08 ends in a grand manner.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


There are hardly few colleges in Chennai who will conduct the cultural in a grand manner. Some of the colleges are IIT, MIT, ANNA UNIVERSITY, KMC, MMC, MCC, SSN, LOYOLA, etc.

TECHOFES, ANNA UNIVERSITY Cultural started today (14th Feb). It is a mega event in the Anna University. They got hell lot of sponsors like AIRTEL, STATE BANK OF INDIA, L&T, PEPSICO, HYUNDAI, CROCODILE, RAMCO CEMENT and many more. Imagine how much money and resource they are having. Now I am coming to the point.

Why I have taken this topic?

What is the reason behind this topic?

Here it is…. I am good in Advertising the Product. As I told earlier, my team bagged lot of prizes in Ad Zap and we are untouchable in Chennai. Our hobby is to go to all the college cultural and symposium. Particularly we participate in Ad Zap and Dumb C.

As usual we planned to go to TECHOFES. I searched the TECHOFES Site and I saw that the Ad Zap (MAD ZAP) event is at 14.00 on 14th Feb. Right now my team members all are busy with projects. Still we planned some how and adjusted our timing to attend this event. I reached the Anna University today (14th Feb) at 12.30 much earlier than the specified time. But I was shocked by an incident. It is nothing but the First Round of Ad Zap Finals. Already the Ad Zap Prelims was over at 10.30. I argued to the judges (juniors). But they coolly said a word “SORRY”. I argued them as “how can you change the timings just like that”. They said it’s our entire mistake, please forgive us.

What you think of this?

Is this the way to conduct an event that too in ANNA UNIVERSITY?

Do you thing the answer given to me is valid?

And the Final was very much horrible to see. None of the participant didn’t know what Ad Zap is and most them were hiding behind the screens.

So, it’s really hurts me. Please do not conduct if you don’t know how to conduct. Better don’t have this event. This will affect the pride of your college. Please do not reciprocate the same in future. I hope there will not be any other confusion in rest of the days.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New hero for Spiderman 4....... check out this

hi everyone… long time back I conducted one foto puzzle. This time I want to play a little game with two fotos. This post is already posted by my friend Arafat.

Find Seven differences between these two images..

One of these images is my friend’s image and the other is SPIDERMAN TOBEY MAGUIRE............
My friends name is VIMALRAJ. He was my school mate .After the Spiderman movie got released we used to call him as PETER; because of his close resemblance to this hero we call him by his characters name.
Ok coming to important matter now. Let me now tell you one game.
If you can, find seven differences between these two images .

I suggest the spiderman team to use him as the spiderman in the Fourth part.. what you say?

An indian that too a tamilian spider man........

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Is this fair to Oz? Once again umpire did the blunder……

Just remind the Sydney test match. What happened to us? Just think……..

Dravid and Ganguly were given out wrongly. Symonds was not given out when he edged the ball to Dhoni. That time India loses. That is purely because of umpire mistake. We strongly protested against this. Most of us didn’t consider that match among the series. Many told that we literally won the series. That Sydney match became more controversial.

The same thing happened again. The difference is, it happened in the one day match and now the Oz was in the receiving side. The mighty Gill Christ and Stuart Clark were given out wrongly. Then the main blunder the umpire did is the decision of Sachin Tendulkar, the only man in form at that stage was given not out. In the low scoring match the wicket of Sachin Tendulkar is very very important. Imagine how crucial it was.

Is this unfair to Oz?

If Sachin departed at that stage, the match would have been turned in the different manner.

In Sydney test match, we all raised one question to Symonds that why he didn’t walk?

Why the master blaster did the same?

Expectation must be preceded with implementation. we should have set an example by walking like Gilly did in first match.

Leave your valuable comments…..

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Tag away

Got this tag from Kiran thank you ever so much,

I’m passing the tag to: Vijay , Mahesh, Raja ,Ramesh

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15. Boobu 16. your name

MANUSYS- Feedback

Manusys, Symposium conducted by Manufacturing Technology, Anna University. They conduct this for three days (7th to 9th feb). I participated in dumb c which held on 8th feb. This time I didn’t go with the usual team. Mahesh replaced vijay. We attended our prelims at 11.30. As usual we did it in grand manner. Then we proceed to our mega event Lunch. Then at 1.30 the interesting event took place “Contraption”. It was an interesting event took place in Manusys. I just stunned to see the work of the Contraption participant. The DOMINOS work was simply mind blowing. The objective of the Contraption is nothing but you should get 200ml water in a jar from 500ml jar. Totally 5 teams participated in this. The entire participant worked hard to achieve this. It is amazing to watch this. Then at 3.30 Dumb C finals took place. Totally 5 teams entered finals. My team is the only team from outside. Rest of the participants was from CEG. First two rounds was easy one. Third round is Dumb Dumb C. We lost it because of carelessness of Mahesh. Then we lost fourth round also. We stood third after the third round. Then the coordinator conducted the last round in a different manner. The rule is that they will give one long word. Mimer has to mime it by letter by letter. Guesser has to guess it and has to write that full word in a paper. This is the rule. It is our must win situation that to with the short period of time to stand first. They gave 3 minutes to find out this word. 3 teams didn’t get that word. Final team guessed it in 2.55 minutes. Here came the twist in the story. I am the mimer of my team. I was just stunned to see that word. But after seeing the word keenly, I really enjoyed that. This word is familiar to us. We finished it in just 25 seconds. The word was SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS. And we pushed the top two teams back and we bag the first prize. After a long time, I played a nail biting Dumb C. Thanks to Manusys.

After finishing Finals, we bought ice cream. While going outside, Monkeys threatened us and got all our ice cream. Each monkey is really big in size. That was funny moment in Manusys.

On the whole Manusys rocks!!!!

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My 100th Post...........

Hi everyone!!

This is my 100th post in my blog. I started this blog just for fun sake to put post regarding my cricket team. But In due course I took this as my hobby and continue to produce some interesting facts and news. In this post I want to thank all my visitors who made me to put post continuously. I thank all for your constant support. I will never tire of posting good news and facts. I always want your support. I hope you will do that.

I love you all

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

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Valentines Day…….

The whole world is waiting to celebrate the lovely Valentines Day. February 14th is celebrated as the Valentines Day. On this special occasion the lovers exchange their love with each other, exchange beautiful flowers, candy, etc. This is the only day which youth is eagerly waiting to celebrate though the world celebrates n number of special days in a year. So what for you waiting? Go and start purchasing some special things to gift your lover.

And for those who are awaiting a better chance to express your love to your beloved, this is the high time to deliver it. Do not hesitate to express your feelings. So make use of this opportunity and succeed in it. Whatever may be the result, do not mind it.

So all the very best for those who gonna express their love. Have a great day on Valentines Day.

I love you all………..

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

TCS asks their 400 employee to resign their job

The country's largest IT company Tata Consultancy Services has asked 400 employees to resign. The company had earlier cut down on its incentives to employees.
Just two days back another IT major IBM had asked 700 of its employees to resign.
TCS has said, "It is part of the annual performance driven exercise. With less than 500 employees resigning every year, this reduces less than 1 per cent of the total employee strength."
Industry insiders are saying that the tremors of a US slowdown is costing the companies dear. A strengthening rupee is also seen to be one of the reasons.

According to an estimate, the cost of employees cost over 50 per cent of total cost for IT companies. The 12 per cent appreciation of rupee in the past one year has hits margins of most of the IT companies and now wages weigh on balance sheet.

Monday, February 4, 2008

What is the difference between IPL and ICL?

I don’t know the reason why all the cricket boards are banning their own players who are playing in ICL. What wrong in that?

ICL only initiated this league. They are the one who introduced this scheme to India. By seeing this only, BCCI introduced IPL. Both IPL and ICL has the same set of rules, same kind of match, both includes foreign player and local player, both are offering good pay to players. Then what made you to ban the players who are all playing in ICL.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Top 5 Best Private Engineering College- Tamil Nadu2007


1)Kumaraguru College Of Technology
2)Sivasubramaniya Nadar College Of Engineering
3)Sri Venkateswara College Of Engineering
4)Mepco Engineering College
5)Crescent Engineering College

1)Sivasubramaniya Nadar College Of Engineering
2)Sri Venkateswara College Of Engineering
3)Kumaraguru College Of Technology
4)St Josephs College Of Engineering
5)Velammal Engineering College

1)Sri Venkateswara College Of Engineering
2)Kumaraguru College Of Technology
3)Crescent Engineering College
4)St Josephs College Of Engineering
5)Hindusthan College Of Engineering

1)Kumaraguru College Of Technology
2)Sivasubramaniya Nadar College Of Engineering
3)Krishna Engineering College
4)Mepco Engineering College
5)Sri Venkateswara College Of Engineering

Research And Development:
1)Sivasubramaniya Nadar College Of Engineering
2)Kumaraguru College Of Technology
3)Crescent Engineering College
4)Mepco Engineering College
5)Kongu Engineering College

These are the results of the survey conducted by Loyola College MBA Students..
These rankings were done on about 50 colleges around Tamil Nadu..
Datas were collected by visiting the colleges and by asking questions to the students.

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Friday, February 1, 2008


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Sehwag, the Warrior…

Sehwag……The warrior, the run machine, the destroyer, the burden for opponent, these are all few titles I am giving to my Superhero. Look at the determination in his eyes. What a come back for him?

He scored 286 runs in just 2 matches, standing third position in highest run getter in Indian side next to Sachin (first) and VVS (second). His highest score in this series is 151, very crucial knock. If he played in first two matches, India might have raised the cup. Look at his record… 13 tons and 13 fifties. That means he is capable of turning those fifties into tons. In those 13 tons, 3 against Oz. Sehwag scored 1000 runs against Oz itself. He is the only man in India who crossed 300 run landmarks in test cricket. He can also bowl decently and field superbly.

What else do you expect from a player?

So it is always advantage to have him in the side, whether it is test cricket or ODI or T20. Come on Sehwag….. keep rocking………

Michael Jackson's face changes............

Michael Jackson, the king of pop. Millions of millions will be fans for this man. Many people would have him as role model and started their dancing career. I too started dancing (ham not a professional) by watching his dance steps in TV. Especially his “robot” and “moonwalk” steps took him to peak of the fame. Still I am having his BAD audio cassette which my uncle presented me in 90’s. I am just mad about this bad guy. His real life is not as good as his dancing career.

Michael Jackson appears to wear strange makeup. Michael Joseph Jackson (born August 29, 1958), often referred to as MJ and The King of Pop, is an American musician, entertainer, and pop icon first as a member of the Jackson 5, and later as a solo artist. Mike was born a cute African-American guy. Mike gets his nose slightly narrowed and his eyebrows shaped. This was his "Thriller" Era and he was smoking. People did notice this facial change and commented on it - guys just didn't do this back then. MJ keep changing his nose, jaw and eyebrow. This multiple Plastic surgery leads to some of the skin disorder and now his face looks ugly like Japanese animated face. Look at view of multiple changes in his face.


At last Sushmita aka sush aka mallu aka g***** aka r****** (ham not going to reveal these names, if you can please crack this and write it in comment section. If you crack this correctly, you will bag surprising gifts for sure). Though it was a small treat, she gave me immediately after I asked her. The reason behind this treat is very funny. One day she called her mam with her nick name. The fun here was that mam’s brother is my closest friend. I don’t want to reveal the name of the mam and my friend’s name. It is not ethical if I reveal the names. She gave me treat not to tell this matter to my friend. ha ha crazy girl…….

Sush, you itself know this was a very very small treat. Ham expecting a big treat from you in INOX. Hope you will not cheat me. if you ever tried to cheat me, then you have to face the consequences. There are also few people, who keep on cheating me by not giving treats. So I want all others to be like Mallu. So people give me treat as soon as possible.

Thanks for the treat sush. Meet you in INOX.

Gilly Retirement from all forms of cricket..........

Gill Christ, Oz wicket keeper retired from the test side after winning the series against the India in Adelaide. The best wicket keeper batsman that world has ever produced, played continuously 96 matches since his debut holding the number of records like most number of dismissals by a wicket keeper, most number of sixes in test cricket, and so on. The reasons for the retirement were the juicy drop catch of VVS in first innings of Adelaide and poor batting performance in the series with India. His best winning moment is the victory against India in 2004.

Though he retired from cricket, we all will remember him because of his integrity, dignity, class, punch, style, aggression and so on. We will watch you in IPL. We all Love you Gilly…………