Sunday, February 10, 2008

Is this fair to Oz? Once again umpire did the blunder……

Just remind the Sydney test match. What happened to us? Just think……..

Dravid and Ganguly were given out wrongly. Symonds was not given out when he edged the ball to Dhoni. That time India loses. That is purely because of umpire mistake. We strongly protested against this. Most of us didn’t consider that match among the series. Many told that we literally won the series. That Sydney match became more controversial.

The same thing happened again. The difference is, it happened in the one day match and now the Oz was in the receiving side. The mighty Gill Christ and Stuart Clark were given out wrongly. Then the main blunder the umpire did is the decision of Sachin Tendulkar, the only man in form at that stage was given not out. In the low scoring match the wicket of Sachin Tendulkar is very very important. Imagine how crucial it was.

Is this unfair to Oz?

If Sachin departed at that stage, the match would have been turned in the different manner.

In Sydney test match, we all raised one question to Symonds that why he didn’t walk?

Why the master blaster did the same?

Expectation must be preceded with implementation. we should have set an example by walking like Gilly did in first match.

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ramesh said...

hey y u think like tat......
sachin may not knw tat he had nickd d ball...for tat u cant question sachins integrity.??? its wrong on him.... d thing s he didnt accept like symmo...
its part and parcel of cricket... it happens ... it wil happen in future neva mind past s past...
ham happy tat india won today atlast/ :)

rajarajeswari said...

Hey semma template for this blog.

Ok,Raman senja tapu kadayathu.Ravana Senja tha if something is gone to help india then it is correct only.:)