Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday Eyeglass Frames!

People do certain things to draw the attention of others towards them. In this case, most of the people mainly concentrate on their attire, shoes, caps and eye glasses. In this post I will tell you about the site which steals the attention of the mass by their quality eye glasses. We all know that people always goes behind the fancy and catchy items. So obviously, every one will go for buying stylish eye glasses to make others to turn towards them. On the other hand, it is very important to select the quality eye glasses for safety of our eyes. Therefore I searched in the internet to find the one which offers both stylish as well as quality eye glasses. Luckily I found out a wonderful site named which has number of stylish glasses. They are using latest technology, modern materials, and innovative procedure to manufacture their own product. Since they produce their own products, the cost of all their products is affordable. Here in this site, we can find variety of eye glasses in the category section like Holiday frames, sun shade model, stainless steel and more which will meet your needs and satisfaction for sure. So what are you waiting for? Check out this site right now and make use of this site.

Monday, December 29, 2008

professor evaluating Thermal Engineering Semester paper in train

Today while returning to my house from NIIT (Nungambakkam), i saw a professor who was busy with his job of evaluating Semester paper in the train. As far as i am concerned, Anna University evaluation is bit easy and any one can gets pass mark in any subject, provided if you write Side headings and the block diagrams perfectly. But this professor checks each line keenly and awarded marks respectively. The paper he corrected was Thermal engineering (PTME 284, if i am not wrong) which wrote on November 15th 08. He took about two station to evaluate one and half paper. He seems very dedicated and sincere in his venture. He evaluated each paper keenly line by line and then put marks. But none of the students got fail mark. Everyone had done their paper well and three students got above 80. I think this time thermal engineering paper was easy.

In this video, first he evaluate two marks questions and then proceeds to big questions.

Damn!!!! Railway police... I flipped down my mobile and then walked straight to my house :D

Sunday, December 7, 2008

L.A. Police Gear

Today I came across a cool site named which is famous for all kinds of police gear. This L.A. Police Gear, Inc. is owned by former police officers of Los Angeles. The products available here in this site like 5.11 Tactical Pants and more are of high quality and most importantly they are all available in affordable price. The products available here in this site are not only for military personnel and police officers. Even the common people can also buy these accessories from them. So what are you waiting for? Check out this site for further details and make use of this site. Do pass this message to all your friends.

modified mail from wipro to join in their BPO

Greetings from Wipro,

This is an addendum to our earlier communication dated November 25, 2008.

You have the choice of exercising the immediate option to join our BPO division in a technical support role.

o This option provides you with an early date of joining Wipro

o The total annual compensation package given in offer letter of IT services remains unchanged

o Your experience in our BPO division will be considered relevant and treated as continuous service for your movement to the IT services division

o You will be considered for movement to IT services division based on actual demand – however this will be not later than 18 months.

Should you choose not to exercise the BPO option, our original offer for the IT services division holds good and remains unchanged. We will communicate appropriate joining date to you based on the business scenario and actual demand.

We request you to exercise this option before December 5, 2008 6.00PM.Instructions for this are given below. On your acceptance to join, you will be contacted by our representative through landline or mobile for a brief discussion for certain verifications. We request you to be prepared to attend this call without fail. In case if there is a change in your landline or mobile numbers please update/intimate the same in the website at new landline phone no. and mobile no.

You may also get in touch with our campus help desk @ toll free no. 1800-103-4678, if you have any queries or clarifications in this regard.

Best wishes and looking forward to having you with us soon


Campus Recruitment Team

Every one knows the importance and necessity of the website for any company. It will help the people across the world to know about the nature and quality of the company. So it is very important to have a website for a company, even if it is a small one in order to run the company successfully for ages. So if you have any idea of creating any website for your company? Are you looking for a better quality web hosting company available in the web? Then hold on for a moment. I will help you to find a better company through this post. There are number of web hosting services available in the web. It is very difficult to find the right web hosting service simply by searching in the internet. So it is advisable to check out this wonderful site named which provides you necessary information about few top rated webhost companies available in the web. They also provide genuine articles about these web hosting companies. So before selecting a web hosting service, do not forget to visit this site and clarify whether that selected service is being rated here in this site. Many people gets benefited through this site and do pass this message to all your friends so that they also get benefited through this site.

shocking mail from wipro to freshers

Greetings from Wipro,

Having completed the academic chapter of your career, we trust you are gearing up to face the exciting challenges of corporate life and waiting for a joining community from us.

You would be aware of the current economic environment across all industries including IT industry. IT analysts and experts claim that this scenario is likely to prevail for a while. We are aware that you have been eagerly looking forward to join Wipro. We have looked at various options to absorb you without much delay, and as part of that we are glad to invite you to join our BPO division at Kolkata. The date of joining will be intimated to you shortly. You will work in BPO division for a period of 12 to 18 months after which you can be moved to other divisions of Wipro Technologies.

While you are at the threshold of a stable career in a reputed firm, there are few facts that we would like to share with you about our BPO division for you to make a right decision.

• Wipro BPO is the largest integrated 3rd party IT BPO player in India.

• Amongst the top 3 offshore BPO service providers in the world.

• One of the fastest growing divisions within Wipro Limited.

• Specialists in delivering process specific solutions in areas like Technical helpdesk, F&A, procurement, HR services, Loyalty services and knowledge services.

• You would be part of the technical process group where in the nature of work would be of a technical helpdesk engineer responsible for providing technical solutions to customers calling from across the globe. You are expected to work in different shifts (within 24hrs * 7days).

get out of debt

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