Monday, December 29, 2008

professor evaluating Thermal Engineering Semester paper in train

Today while returning to my house from NIIT (Nungambakkam), i saw a professor who was busy with his job of evaluating Semester paper in the train. As far as i am concerned, Anna University evaluation is bit easy and any one can gets pass mark in any subject, provided if you write Side headings and the block diagrams perfectly. But this professor checks each line keenly and awarded marks respectively. The paper he corrected was Thermal engineering (PTME 284, if i am not wrong) which wrote on November 15th 08. He took about two station to evaluate one and half paper. He seems very dedicated and sincere in his venture. He evaluated each paper keenly line by line and then put marks. But none of the students got fail mark. Everyone had done their paper well and three students got above 80. I think this time thermal engineering paper was easy.

In this video, first he evaluate two marks questions and then proceeds to big questions.

Damn!!!! Railway police... I flipped down my mobile and then walked straight to my house :D


ARFI said...

eppadiyo naan BE pass panniten

Sadesh said...

silla per ipadium irupanga pola

Twinkle said...

The professor was just doing his duty and doing justice to the money he got for paper correction :)

sush pennin(g) thoughts said...

Good job dude......arfi nee ipdi dan pass ayirpae pola:)