Monday, September 24, 2007

Match continues...

I will combine the results of the previous match also and give u the combined results.. The winners will be decided from both these matches... The next match is as follows:

Rama - Divya
Narain - Aishwarya
Mahesh - Vijay
Ragav - SS
SambaShiva - Arun
Sri..... - Prasi
Santhosh - Jaya
Abhishek Bachan - Raja
Kudi - Bhai
Sid - Preethi

Cheers!!! Think laterally to catch hold of the prize$$$$.. All the best!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Answers for that pics post



And the winner is Kudi. As i said, kudi is in my mega project .
Good work.Congrats.
And i want 2 thank all of u ,who had participated in that contest.
Once again thanku .
I hope u will participate in future contest and bag many more prizes.
All the best 4 Match d following......

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Match d Following...

hi hi
First i want 2 thank u all 4 participating in contest which i had conducted in my last post.
And this time ham going 2 conduct somewat a different contest .All u have 2 do is that use ur brain and try 2 match d following in correct manner and also give d reasons y u chose it via comment.Go head and win d exiting prizes like d previous one.

  1. sadesh -- kalyani
  2. arun -- sankar
  3. vijay -- divya
  4. bala -- thala
  5. kudi -- sambu

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Identify the accused in the picture..

For those who are wondering what these faces are, dont think they are the accused in the S-4 police station, they are indeed the accused of CSE dept of Sri Sairam engg college. Identify the faces and tell them as comments and win exciting kaipulla vouchers, gifts and a whole new set of the mega product which is gonna be launched sooner or later by the KAIpulla!!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Chennai 600044-Part II

Same ground same pitch....only ball got shined....again ruki team won d toss and bloops they choose to bat....poor fellows
comedy for bowling team & tragedy for batting team master blaster(netta kokku) got runout bcos of poor jogging b/w d wickets...
wats d comedy was tey again got all out for 14.dis time somewat different....arun wit his magical wides helped ruki team....always scolding d keeper for wides...

d most embarrasing moment waz d wicket of venkaya bajji was given out ;(like our local umpires hariharan , jayaprakash....and for this series ajax tumblercup itz none other than d VINOLA [ARAFATH].....WORSTEST DECISION
molakka baji's karamana comment heard through stump mike: pavi paiya pulla kasu vaginta pola ********* f***** {censored}
again boobi team wit dir winning confidence but started badly ;(
same result :(
ramesh murmered : mollamari chikkunguniya boobi got duck out...
but d top order flopped.Tail order came to rescue,gud sexy partnership b/w manoj and lakshmi...partnership 22 highest made... ratio 80:20 respectively
lead of 31 runs.... wit no hopes ruki team came out to bat
wat comedy was i took d ball in hand,dir came d disaster[chumma alla pathala adhurudhula]
bowled consecutive wides...opponents comment: here comes d match winner for us
boobi 3 overs 1/17ramesh 3 overs 4/11
our bowlers finished d formalities...

rukis team gave a target of 14 [adhey no]

2nd innings:
i opened d account wit one run...den i got out...ramesh also got out for 1.,,
mark moorthy duck
den lakshmi and manoj finished d game(d sexy partners) all s well tat ends well
we all raised d tumbler cup(ajax tumbler cup)......:) :>:%

Funniest moments:
1.again arul damaged d pitch while rolling b/w d wickets

2.i opened d account wit 1 run

3.arun got five wicket haul

4.bajjis controversial wicket by arafath[eduku previous ball his stump was uprooted,,[pachaiya yemathi ta da]


TITLE: Mr & Mrs.Dhadi


Saturday, September 1, 2007


hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi dis s boobu...
ham really passionate bout cricket...
love and live for cricket... truly speaking for my bat ;) s d hottest
i love to share my tragedy and comedy era of my cricket life wit u..
so get ready for d blast wit ball and bat....
yuppy my lovely readers....

feel d heat,,.,ham ready here to rock yu......:)

ruki's squad
*rukesh (natta kokku) captain
*vijay (molaka bajji) vice captain
*bharath (mullam pandri) WK
*srivatsen (uccha mama) fast bowler
*ram (nandu kaiyan) fast bowler
*sairam (mandai) batsman/spinner
*vinoth (namitha/golli) dont knw (yet to discover)
*arvind (chyna,yung mang chung) reverse swing bowler
*SAMBU (meenu,sambu mavan,dhadi's wife) manager/financier/alla kai
*sadesh (dhadi,sambu's husband,baby 2,attack man)leg wide spinner/one over[hour]bowler
*samba (ondi puli) toilet window breaker

boobu's squad:
*boopathi (kaipulla) captain [MATCH WINNER OF OPPONENT TEAM]
*manoj (punch mama) vice captain
*ramesh (idly) batsman/spinner
*arun (ice mama) bowler/gada player
*vetri (battery vel) dasher/fielder
*narain (asault kokki kumar) destroyer/one ball batsman
*arafath (vinola/kari kada bai) batsman/swing bowler
*moorthy (mayandi,mark mama) sometimes batsman
*arul (yannai,lakshmi,baby,nemlicherry rowdy,etc.....) outfield destroyer
*parthiban (60 paise bun) transport officer/drinks supplier


Ground was atlast found by our teammates bajji thalian and d pitch was was terrible bowling pitch...
The great thing s tat arul came and rolled d pitch making it possible to play quicklyimportant to note tat dir was heavy rain before the play.

Toss won by ruki team.
ruki's instincts:he predicted a very good batting pitch, but it was ulta,chose to bat...

1st innings:

manoj and arun destroyed the whole team....
ruki-0,baji-3* arvind,hari,nari,goli,arafath all scored duck .
extras 8 wides given by manoj..
manoj & arun took three wickets each grand total in figures 14 all out......

boobu team batting 1st innings
it was bad decision to open wit me....first seven overs 5 runs including 3 wides...i was caught out for a duck....ramesh scored 2 runs and got out...den all flopped,,,,,
managed to get one run lead/////

2nd innings
again terrific start ruki got out a loose shot for a was an epitome of boobus drive....crazy pity guygood form of duck...den all scored single digits .
again boobi team bowlers helped ruki team wit wides and extras...
d run rate of rukis team was absoulutly stopped by d acrobatic efforts in d field by arul(lakshmi baby) not only damaged d rukis team but also d pitch ;)
tey set a huge target of 14 runs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
den boobi team chance now
opening pair changed,muniyandi moorthy promoted in d top,....
captain kaipula boobu stepped down d order.cracking shot by moorthy straight down d ground for a six (seems a kutti six).hopes down for ruki team...everyone scolding each other...kusumbu chyna helped boobi team.namitha goli as usual showed his own class wit bad fielding performances....

boobi team won d match wit no loss of wickets
jubilant victory ;) ;>mayandi won d man of d match....

Funniest moment:

1.lakshmi damaged d ground....
2.mayandi moorthys six

3.ducks by both captains(ruki 2,boobu 1)

aruls punch : " naan out ayeta, teamhey adutha secondla all out ayedum " ena koduma saravanan....cos he s d last batsman....hahahahahahaha crazy buggar ;)
This was pics which will prove,arul is really a outfield destroyer.ya he damaged d field while diving 2 stop the ball which was hit by captain ruki.
Wait 4 the second match.until then its bye from kai pulla.