Monday, September 3, 2007

Chennai 600044-Part II

Same ground same pitch....only ball got shined....again ruki team won d toss and bloops they choose to bat....poor fellows
comedy for bowling team & tragedy for batting team master blaster(netta kokku) got runout bcos of poor jogging b/w d wickets...
wats d comedy was tey again got all out for 14.dis time somewat different....arun wit his magical wides helped ruki team....always scolding d keeper for wides...

d most embarrasing moment waz d wicket of venkaya bajji was given out ;(like our local umpires hariharan , jayaprakash....and for this series ajax tumblercup itz none other than d VINOLA [ARAFATH].....WORSTEST DECISION
molakka baji's karamana comment heard through stump mike: pavi paiya pulla kasu vaginta pola ********* f***** {censored}
again boobi team wit dir winning confidence but started badly ;(
same result :(
ramesh murmered : mollamari chikkunguniya boobi got duck out...
but d top order flopped.Tail order came to rescue,gud sexy partnership b/w manoj and lakshmi...partnership 22 highest made... ratio 80:20 respectively
lead of 31 runs.... wit no hopes ruki team came out to bat
wat comedy was i took d ball in hand,dir came d disaster[chumma alla pathala adhurudhula]
bowled consecutive wides...opponents comment: here comes d match winner for us
boobi 3 overs 1/17ramesh 3 overs 4/11
our bowlers finished d formalities...

rukis team gave a target of 14 [adhey no]

2nd innings:
i opened d account wit one run...den i got out...ramesh also got out for 1.,,
mark moorthy duck
den lakshmi and manoj finished d game(d sexy partners) all s well tat ends well
we all raised d tumbler cup(ajax tumbler cup)......:) :>:%

Funniest moments:
1.again arul damaged d pitch while rolling b/w d wickets

2.i opened d account wit 1 run

3.arun got five wicket haul

4.bajjis controversial wicket by arafath[eduku previous ball his stump was uprooted,,[pachaiya yemathi ta da]


TITLE: Mr & Mrs.Dhadi



rajkingme said...

I thought of commenting for the next post, but the pictures made me to comment here itself...... The pictures are good if they are taken naturally and not for pose. But some photos not look like natural......

ViJaY said...

Arul urul rocking fotos da machi... innum comedya kalakalappa ezhudhu machi... Padikravanga shd laugh their whole selves out... Gud posting.. Kaipulla!!! Kalakku da!!

Anonymous said...

i will damage the opposite team with a 5 wicket haul....