Saturday, September 15, 2007

Match d Following...

hi hi
First i want 2 thank u all 4 participating in contest which i had conducted in my last post.
And this time ham going 2 conduct somewat a different contest .All u have 2 do is that use ur brain and try 2 match d following in correct manner and also give d reasons y u chose it via comment.Go head and win d exiting prizes like d previous one.

  1. sadesh -- kalyani
  2. arun -- sankar
  3. vijay -- divya
  4. bala -- thala
  5. kudi -- sambu


AiShU said...

arun-divya(professor's wife is divya)
kudi-kalyani(kalyani is d brand name)
vijay-thala(vijay n ajith)
smbu-sadesh(left ot option..he he)

boobu said...

nice try.
u was d first person 2 comment for that pics post special thanks 2 u.
but there were some wrong answers.
thanhu 4 participating

sathukudi said...

damn aishu got a head of me...
same matching from my side too..

Swaminathan said...

arun- kalyani(professor's favourite brand)

kudi-divya(namma ottrarthu thana)

sadesh-sambu(Very obvious"oore naridichu"

bala- thala(left out option)

vijay- sankar (both from same school)

boobu said...

then same comment 4 u also

ViJaY said...

arun - thala(Type mismatch error!!!)
kudi - divya(Type mismatch error!!!)
vijay - kalyani(Type mismatch error!!!)
bala - sadesh(Type mismatch error!!!)
sambu - sankar(Type mismatch error!!!)

5 Syntax errors!!! Program too complex...

Guhan M. said...

i made the same guess as aishu did... if tht is wrong, tht means the questions r really gud

boobu said...

ya machi,that is really a wrong one.wrong in d sense,her answer did not match with mine.
anyway it was a good attempt

boobu said...

5 errors
try 2 rectify,if u want prize


sadesh-sambu{known issues}
kudi-kalyani{alcohol brand}
vj-shankar{both sankara}
bala-thala{both infy}

boobu said...

Nice try... Thanks for ur participation!!!

sathukudi said...

sadesh-sambu(the hot couple..)
arun-shankar(same area..)
vijay(ragavan)-divya(maybe the old bajji- bujju )
bala - thala(infosys..)
kudi - kalyani(the best brand..)

rajkingme said...


his grace is sufficient for you said...

machi nee romba think panra... unnoda criminal mind ennaku illa but still.....
arun-divya(professor's wife)
kudi-kalyani(kalyani is d brand name)
vijay-sankar(same area and same school....)
bala-thala(same company they god placed....)
smbu-sadesh(unbeatable couple....haha)

ramya said...

oye ena da edu??ore match de following a eruku???anyway..go on;)

ruchi said...

I think its time for you retire from cricket,,,give way to young players and players who are in form like me,,,,