Tuesday, July 29, 2008

iHype.com - Get Paid to Blog!

One of the best services for both advertisers and publishers to gain benefit is iHype.com. Advertiser gains benefit by publicizing his product globally and publisher earns money by writing the reviews of advertiser’s products or sites. The iHype team has a large network of bloggers. The offers are given to the publishers based on the ranking system of Google and Alexa. You will be given enough amount of time for completing the given review. The payment for the post will be credited immediately as the post gets approved by the advertiser to your desired account. Therefore register yourself in this wonderful service and get benefited through their enthralling features.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Decrease Noise

The technology that has been implied in this headphone will reduce the outdoor noise (ie) the noise from planes, trains,buses and any sort of outdoor noise will be filtered and we can get a hi-fi audio experience.

Sony claims that the outdoor ambient noise can be filtered to 99% which is just less than ultimate perfection. The digital noise reducing engine has three filters located in the built-in digital signal processor, which can be tuned to the outdoor noise environments effectively.It can reduce 99%
of ambient noise at 160Hz.

Battery which this phone uses is a internal lithium-ion battery which lasts for 16 hours. There is also a provision for two AA batteries in the absence of a wall plug. The headphone cost is $400. So buy this headphone and enjoy the ultimate digital audio experience.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hollywood Love

If you think, you are good in flirting others. Then why can’t you take park in Ultimate Flirting Championship which is sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5. By participating in this competition, you can evaluate yourself in flirting others and also you can improve your flirting skills through this. Minimum of three players are needed to play this funny game. They are a judge and other two is player. You may be any one of these three. Finally the one who impressed with catchy words will elected as the winner of this game and can bag the Victory Hair. Victory hair is the title given to reward those who mesmerize the people. So click the widget below and start playing this wonderful funny competition.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Terror attack

In India, its that time when bombs are simply blasting here and there. A couple of days back, as many as 7 blasts hit the city of Bangalore. Just a few people died and some got injured, luckily. But, more recently, yesterday, in Ahmedabad, around 5 bombs rocked the city and this time the casualties numbers was higher. As many as 45 people are believed to be dead in this mishap. So, this has caused a huge furore amongst the people in other cities. So, all important cities have been ordered to be on a red alert. Also the security has been increased in order to tackle the situation successfully.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cisco Certification

Today IT industry is ruling the entire world. Many MNC are already started recruiting people who finished degree in the IT field. So for those who had completed degree in IT field can enter into the IT arena easily for the better payment. Working in an IT concern will improve our overall status and also brings respect in this society. I finished my engineering this year and right now looking for a better job in IT industry. Nowadays all the IT companies are looking for the individual who has skills, knowledge about the various language and Networking. There are many services available which provides coaching in Networking but majority of high profile companies prefers an individual who finished his certification in Cisco. Cisco certification is well known for its quality coaching and it is recognized by almost all the IT companies. There are four levels in all certification. They are Entry, Associate, Professional, and Expert. You can also learn about security, IP telephony, and wireless through Specialist Certifications. The coaching provided here in this Cisco is outstanding. The seminars and presentation conducted by them is unique and can gain more information from this. Last year my friend finished his certification in Cisco and he is now working in a big IT concern for a better payment. I also joined here and now doing certification in CCNA. So what are you waiting for? If you want to emerge in this IT field, this is right time to do Cisco Certification and excel in your life.

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Day 2 belongs to Sri Lanka

Yesterday on the second day of the first test match of the idea cup series between India and Srilanka witnessed a day of centurions. The three centurions Samaraveera, Jayawardane and Warnapura all hit centuries. All these three were well paced innings especially when Srilanka were two down for 57. All these three frustrated the Indian bowling attack and there was absolutely no energy level in the bowling. Only Ishant Sharma who is young showd some spirit in the game and took the wicket of Jayawardane in the post Tea session. Lets see who will win this test match. According to my view in this slow track i only expect a draw since the pitch has nothing to play with.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Meet My Victory Hair

Flirting is a skill of impressing others by your magnetic speech. All people would not posses this skill and it is very hard to flirt others. If you are so good at flirting you have a chance to prove it to others. Extreme Style by VO5 is conducting a competition which is nothing but the Ultimate Flirting Championship. By participating in this championship you can bring out the hidden flirting skills in you. The competition is that who impresses more people in the given duration wins the championship. For flirting others you must have good and stylish English accent with some catchy words which can attract others easily and quickly. If you are interested in participating in this championship immediately paste this widget and start playing this game. I am sure that those who play this game will get enthralled and feel it so lively. When i played this game i was enjoying it to the core and it was ultimate excitement. My excitement levels were peak. You can also learn many things from this championship that is you can mature as an individual and learn how to flirt others from other experts who are playing. The ultimate aim of this tournament is to achieve the Victory Hair. Victory Hair is possessed by those who have the ability to mesmerize people through their mind blowing speech. So play this game now and enjoy yourself.

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Batman returns

The movie dark night which is one of the Batman movies has reached a milestone and created a new record of maximum amount of collection on the opening day which is a whooping $66.1 million dollars. This is the first time in the history of Hollywood industry that a film has gained this much amount on the opening day. This film is also spell bounding with its special effects and unique and vibrant camera shots. Each and every part of this film has been sculptured in a great way by the director. He has given importance to every character in this movie. On the whole it is a good super hero movie to watch.

The 'Look'

Everyone likes to flirt with their opposite sex. If a guy happens to meet a beautiful girl, he definitely flirts her. The same thing repeats for girls also who will flirt, the moment they saw a handsome guy. So if you have confidence that you are master in flirting, then why can’t you try Ultimate Flirting Championship which is sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5? You can valuate your flirting skills here in this game. This is game very funny and interesting which requires three players. One is supposed to be judge and other two are flirts. You can be the judge or players. Judge can ask various questions about flirt and player should answer those questions in the unique to impress the judge. You can play this game through the widget provided them. You can also add this widget in your blog. Then you have to create your own avatar and wait for other two players to join in this game with you. At last the winner can earn the Victory Hair. Victory hair is nothing but the sequences of events that are associated to one another which may portray the twisted hair among the pairs. I enjoyed myself while playing this game. So what are waiting for? Just click on the widget below and start playing the game.

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Rain delayed commencement of the match

With a lot of expectations in mind the idea cup was expected to start with a bang but, it was rather disappointing since rain washed away the game on the first day of the first test match between India and Srilanka. After some really huge showers game started at around 2:00. Srilanka won the toss and elected to bat first ending the day with 75/2 with openers Upul Tharanga and Sangakara back in the pavilion. Lets hope that these remaining four days will have no interruption by rain. I am eager to see how these senior guns go after Mendis who has a unique action.

Viddiction videos

I am working in a private concern where I got work round the clock. I will get little time to relax myself. In this small I used to watch some funny videos in online. There are many websites are available where we can see lots of funny and amazing videos. Viddiction.com is also one among these sites which contains many amazing videos to enjoy. It allows us to upload videos of any length to this site. I was stunned to see that they are also conducting competition every month for the members of their site to encourage them to add good quality videos in it. One can bag around $50 to $500 monthly through this competition. The rule of this competition is simple. You are suppose to upload videos in their site so that the uploaded video should attract more number of visitors. At last, the video which has maximum number of hits will bag this whooping cash prize. This cash for videos concept makes this viddiction.com unique among other video uploading sites. It helps you to develop our creativity skill and they encourage your talent by giving away some rewards. So if you think you have the potential to win this competition, upload cool videos and bag the hot cash.

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Nuclear energy crisis

Now the entire India is debating about the nuclear deal with U.S. Why the government is so much interested in the nuclear deal? What is the need of nuclear energy now?

These are the questions which are echoing in the nook and corner of the country. If we analyze these questions we will know that the nuclear energy is the alternate and future source of energy. In India the primary source of energy is from coal. The entire country is provided energy with lignite corporations. Only a few percentage of energy is being used from the other sources. If this condition continues then in near future there will be shortage in the power. This will lead to frequent power cuts, inadequate power supply. So to avoid these conditions we have to find an alternate source of energy. As we all know that the energy released during a nuclear reaction is very large. If this energy is utilized properly then it will be the best alternate fuel in the future. So the government is trying to develop a strong nuclear power base. But there are many flaws in the nuclear deal with U.S. If those things are corrected then this step of the government will the turning point in the future.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

WarGames 25th Anniversary Back in Theaters

Every one likes to watch movies. I always want to watch sci-fi, fiction and super hero movies of all time. In 80’s movies i like Die Hard, 48 Hours and E.T Extra Terrestrial. I saw E.T movie for more than 20 times in my life. These are all the movies which I want to see it over and over.


WarGames which is a movie from 80’s, is going to celebrate its 25th year Anniversary. This movie is going to hit the big screen once again on 24th of this month in select theatres nationwide. This is a sci-fi thriller in which a young man accidently gets the chance of accessing US military’s war computer. In addition to this movie, unseen interviews with cast and crew and also screening the making of War Games: The Dead Code. So what are you waiting for? Rush yourself to buy the tickets and watch War Games once again in the big screen.

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India vs Srilanka

After the Asia Cup final debacle, the Indians have now gone to Srilanka for a 3 test series. I bet this series is going to be a big test for the Indian batsmen. Because, Srilanka boasts of a great combination of 2 veterans Chaminda Vaas and Muralitharan who have shared around 1000 wickets between them. So, the Indian batsmen have to be really good to challenge the Lankan lions at their own den. The addition of the mysterious Ajantha Mendis is a big + for the Srilankans. Also, Mendis was the destroyer of the Indian team in the Asia Cup final claiming 6 wickets for 13 runs. The Indian batsmen simply struggled to cope with his mysterious offspin, legspin and wrong uns. So, its going to be a tough battle to face Mendis. But, for the Indians, the addition of the best batsmen in the world, Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid must add some boost to the team’s morale. It will be interesting to see how these 2 legends battle with Mendis. The first test starts tomorrow and it will be good to see 2 evenly matched teams battling it out.

Excuse Me?

I believe that every skill that one possesses should be express to this world by some means. So if you have confident that you can flirt others by your look, you can expose your talent here at Ultimate Flirting Championship which is sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5. This competition will test your skills of flirting others. I also participated in this championship. After that I changed my looks, behavior, and style and now I am feeling much better than before. My flirting skills are changed a lot after this participation. This flirting championship is very much lively and funny. The winner of this competition can achieve the Victory Hair. So what are waiting for? Play this game right now from your blog by just placing the widget and bag the Victory Hair.

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SA leads the series

The Proteas, after coming back into nick in their 2nd innings in the first test of the npower test series, continued their sublime touch and powered their way through the 2nd test winning it comfortably by 10 wickets. England went in to bat and were bundled out for a meagre 203 all out. Thanks to some accurate bowling by Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel who took 4 wickets each. In reply, South Africa posted a mammoth 522 thanks to some amazing batting by AB De Villiers who scored a brilliant 174 and Ashwell Prince continued his amazing form scoring 149. England in reply, were bundled out for 327 and again, the wreckers-in-chief being Steyn and Morkel this time taking 3 wickets each. Needing 9 runs for victory, The Proteas, knocked them off comfortably winning the match and hence leading the series 1-0. Prince was the man of the match.

Windows Vista, It's So Easy

Windows Vista is the upgraded version of the Windows XP. It has many features which makes it more popular than the other operating systems in the market. Vista has got good graphics in it. It is ideal for people who like to play games in the computer. Another added feature of the Vista is that any external hard drive can be used as RAM. This feature has helped users in using the external USB storage disks as RAM when it is needed. Another cool feature of the Vista is that it is very effective against virus attacks. As an internet user I often get attacked by many viruses. I tried many anti virus software to delete the viruses but the problem prevailed. But after installing the Windows Vista the security of my computer had increased and in turn the performance has also improved. So nowadays I am accessing the internet with less fear.
Windows Vista team offers excellent guidance for their customers. They provide solutions for their problems in a more effective manner. Moreover the updates provided by the customer support team have helped in improving the performance of the system and in better utility of the resources available. Users can access the customer support facility through internet itself. So it is correct time to switch over to Windows Vista and enjoy its cool features.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Jeyasimman Fitness Center

Hi buddies! In this post I am going to share my experience in fitness center and about my Gym. As I said before I completed my graduate in April, since then I nicely warming my sofa and become lazy like anything. Then I along with my friends planned to go to fitness center to keep ourselves fit. We chose Jeyasimman Fitness center which is located in Chrompet near Market without any hesitation. This fitness center contains all the latest equipments and more spacious to do exercises. The notable thing here in this center is that care taken by our master. He is well trained and he instructs every nuance about all exercises. He never tired in updating the Gym with new equipments. They also provide energy powder for those who want to do bodybuilding. If you follow their instructions carefully, you can definitely become Arnold one day. I am spending two hours daily in Gym and having nice time there with my friends. Now I added 8 KG to my weight and I will continue this till I move to corporate world. So do you have any plan to join in any fitness center? Are you residing in and around chrompet? Then do not hesitate to join Jeyasimman Fitness Center. So meet you there and keep yourself fit.

Alzheimer's Memory Walk

Every year I used to go my dearest friend’s house for vacation. I enjoy myself thoroughly with his family members. He has got nice parent especially his father who has amazing sense of humor, always keep his surrounding happily. Everyone likes to be with him always. This year also I went to my friend’s house to spend my vacation holiday. But to my surprise, his father didn’t recognize me. He was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer disease. It is nothing but a fatal brain disease which leads to death. He forgot everything in his life. It really hurts me a lot. I heard that Alzheimer association is conducting Alzheimer's Memory Walk every year to find the way to cure this disease. They are collecting funds through this for their research and also creating awareness among people. They are in need of volunteers and team captain to lead this 2-3 miles walk. I am going to join in this walk and contribute something for my friend’s father. Let us all join in this walk and fight against this fatal disease.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

BODHAI, a short film


Do not confuse with title of my post. Bodhai is nothing but the name of an upcoming short film which was taken by my school friend. This was his long time dream and in few days his dream is going to become true. He created this short film to make awareness about the certain things. Wait patiently and watch the film.

A Trendy DreamWorks creation
First time in history
Basic mobile cameras and digital cameras used
Even Camcorders are not used

Story line:
Only 1 guy
With 7 evil guys
Will the 1 survive or not?
You guys guess about the theme

Coming Soon!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Zenni Opticals

I remembered during my high school, I used to put on my eyeglasses. Well, I wasn’t go for brand or trend at that time, as long as it’s affordable price and suitable for me. But hey… I just attracted to get a new eyeglasses when I came across with Zenni Optical. Such an Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni. Check them out, Zenni Optical was on FOX news, look how great they are.

Zenni Optical sells Stylish Prescription Glasses Online. You will find huge selection of frames, with single vision lens, sun sensor (potochromic) lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens. You wouldn’t believe Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses, that's amazing price right! The Secret to Zenni’s Low Prices is that they sell only their own manufactured frames direct to the customer, with no middlemen and virtually no advertising budget.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Right time to celebrate

Yesterday as usual, I woke up earlier in the morning and sat in front of my system for writing post. To my surprise sambhu was also in online and the moment I came in, he screamed like anything. The reason behind that screaming was nothing but the arrival of the result. He told me to check his result. But result was not produced in both annauniv.edu and squarebrothers.com. Then I searched somewhere and found the correct site. I entered his number and found ‘p’ in all the subjects. Damn he cleared all the subjects. I buzzed him and convey my regards. Some hours later he came to my house and we decided to have party in my house. Sambhu sponsored all for the Lunch. We all had good chicken briyani yesterday in my house. At last sambhu finished his tapas of not clearing PQT.





we planned to go for a mega treat in future. congrats sambhu for completing BE.

Leviathan Chronicles


Media is the major source of attraction always but the difference in media has undergone changes from time to time. In the earlier days, media was in the form of radio from which people used to gather information, listen to stories and their favourite tracks. These radio shows had gained a lot of popularity during that period. Now media is transformed into a new phase that is visual along with audio combined which we call as television. After the arrival of television radios are only seldom used.
Now, there is a new show being put up on radio which is called as the Leviathan Chronicles which is a sci-fi show and the main purpose of this resolute series is that it brings back the wonder of a time when your own imagination is filled in the gaps of a purely acoustic experience. Leviathan Chronicles is an audio adventure started by Christof Laputka. He is both a writer cum producer. We can listen to this show through our computers. It is also possible to listen to this show through i-pods. I listened to the first episode of this chronicles, the show was enthralling and interesting to the core. The crux of the show is about a sci-fi story of a young genetic scientist, Macallan Orsel who discovers powerful immortal beings that live secretly among people. So don’t miss this interesting show.

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match ends in draw

In the first test match of the N-power test series, the Proteas, after struggling in the first innings, put in a solid batting display in the 2nd innings to end the game in a draw. Earlier, England, who batted first build on a splendid partnership between Kevin Pietersen and Ian bell reached a mammoth score of 593-8 dec. Bell scored 199 and Pietersen scored 152. Broad batted well to score a good 76. In reply, the Proteas could muster only 247 in their first innings and that too was because of a good batting display by Ashwell Prince who scored a fighting century. Following on, the Proteas started off well in their 2nd innings, and with both their openers scoring centuries. Neil McKenzie scored a patient 138 while captain Smith scored a fine 107. Also Amla hit a century to ensure that Proteas drew the match comfortably. They ended with 393-3.

Charter is Offering High Speed for $14.99/month

Do you want to experience high speed internet service in low price? I got the solution for this. Charter internet is the service which offers high speed, reliable and virus free internet. You can enjoy 5Mbps internet speed only for $14.99/month. If you purchase this through online, they will provide you 30 days risk free pack and $25 shell gas gift card. This offer gets over by July 31st, 2008. So rush up your order and experience the high speed internet in cheap rate

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Microsoft is very keen on acquring Yahoo

Microsoft tried their very best to acquire Yahoo! since January 31st, 2008. Finally, they backed off because Yahoo’s current board was not happy with the offer. In a fresh press release, Microsoft has announced that they are interested in reinitiating talks with Yahoo, "if" a new board is elected.

This announcement came as a response to Investor Carl Icahn’s letter to Yahoo! shareholders, in which he speaks about the talks he had with Microsoft, and why Microsoft withdrew their offer. He wrote:

"Microsoft would be guaranteeing a great deal of capital at closing. However, a transaction could take at least nine months, and perhaps longer, to obtain regulatory clearance in the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere.

During that period, if the current board and management team of Yahoo mismanage the company (and their recent track record is far from reassuring), Microsoft would be putting its money at risk, and a great deal could be lost"

Yahoo’s annual shareholders meeting will be held on August 1st. If a new board gets elected, something is definitely going to happen. It maybe a full or a partial acquisition, but it’s likely to happen! Let’s keep our fingers crossed until then.

SocialSpark is Great for Mommy Bloggers

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Irresponsible BSNL staff

Last Friday I had a problem in my broadband connection. The moment I entered the Mozilla, a pop up shows that ISP login failed and asked to enter user id and password.
I entered my password and waited for a while and restarted the Mozilla. I found the same problem. Then I went to BSNL office and I registered a complaint regarding this to a staff. He asked why the hell you entered the password and he asked me to do some stuff to correct that. I followed his words and did all stuffs. But all ends in vain. I found the same problem again. I took this matter to him once again and he told me that there may be some problem in server. And he added me that he will rectify it quickly. I waited patiently that whole day and also the next day. He didn’t take any steps on both Friday and Saturday. Next day is Sunday, so obviously no action from them. Then on Monday, I again went to their office and asked about my problem. I found a cigar in his hand and this time an old staff handled me. I told everything and he asked me to bring the modem to reconfigure it. I went to my house and brought that. The old staff did the same procedure what I did earlier on Friday in my house. I informed him that this procedure didn’t work. He didn’t hear my words and asked me to work now. Once again I went to my house and turn on my system. Same problem continues. This time I went to office with my friend and I found no one in the broadband section. The time was 10.30AM. A senior staff asked others to stop taking any more complaints. Then the phone next to me was keep on ringing, no one showed interest to attend that call. We waited almost there for 45 minutes. Then at last one staff came to me and asked what the matter is. I described to him for the third time. This time he told me a different story and asked to wait for some days.
Things I noticed there:
• Staffs are smoking inside the office itself. There is a law stating that no one should smoke in the public place. But they are doing in the office time itself. I couldn’t stand there for a minute.
• No one is attending the calls
• Even though I waited there for 45 minutes, I returned home without any positive result
I must tell this here one thing. Securities over there are working properly. I think they can take over these men’s job.

So what you think about this? It is wise to hand over all this government things to private. It is utter waste to give salaries to them. No customer service at all. Fit for nothing. Government should look at this and must take necessary steps against this irresponsibility.

THE REUNION.........

Jan 26th, the REUNION….. I and my friend vimal planned to conduct reunion for all 2004 passed out friends of NSN in Zoo. It started like this……. One day I saw my +2 group foto, to my surprise I forgot most of the names especially girls. I remembered only few names. So I chatted with vimal “why cant we arrange a reunion” and he nodded his head positively. Then we started discussing about the venue. It is the trickiest part in this drama. Initially he suggested booking some hall. But it was flopped because of the money problem. Then he suggested beach, marriage hall and even our school. But all went failure. Then finally we decided to go to Zoo. Cheapest, safest and good place to hang out. Then he created one invitation and we send this to all my school friends through orkut. All responded well. I am eagerly waiting for that moment. This is going to be one of most memorable day in my life, if it goes well. I hope all will turn on that day. Jan 26th is the republic day, so all must be in holiday. So come on jan 26th and make that day a memorable day.

Thank you…………

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sambu failed in LLR test

Last week i posted this photo.Now i am revealing the answer for the post..
The only thing we did in this vacation is joining the driving class. Last week I and Arafat appeared for the LLR test following us sambu and Bajji went to RTO to take up the LLR test. At first sambu cleared vision test as he got squint eye. Then both went to the online test which is supposed to be the easiest test in the globe. Sambu’s arrear habit continued here too. He got only two out of seven in the test. Let me reveal the some of the questions here that was given in the online test.

· What will be the punishment given to the person who is tested alcoholic while driving?

A) License will be banned

B) Only fine

C) None of the above

· How will you drive in the school zone?

A) Slowly

B) Carefully

C) Harshly

· Where we are not supposed to overtake?

A) State highway

B) Panchayat road

C) Narrow lane

· Where you will park the vehicle?

A) Bus stops

B) Middle of the road

C) Parking place

Rest of the questions where asked from signals. If you know the answer please give it in the comment section. I think even a child can get through this test. Bravo sambu...Roll on…Hipip Urahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Beautiful Stylish New Frames From Zenni Optical

Are you looking for a better stylish and fashionable eye glasses for cheap rate? I got a way for your wish. Visit zennioptical.com which offers you better stylish glasses of good quality for reasonable price. The reason for their low rate is that they are selling their own production frames to customers without any middle man. So visit zennieoptical.com and choose your eyeglass that fits you.

plant variety

Plants are our ancestors. They are in this earth even before we existed. They too like us have came across evolution. Now the existing plant variety is the Angiosperms. the specialty of plants is all their predecessors are also exist parallel unlike us. The plant kingdom started from the simple algae and fungi. Then it developed to the next level, gymnosperms, angiosperms. They evolved into flowering plants from some unicellular fungi and lichens. In the later sessions we shall discuss about the plant hierarchy, flowers and fruits.

buy eyeglass from zennioptical

I got cool news for eyeglass lovers. I found a site which offers stylish and fashionable glasses for low prices. I was just stunned when I saw the site zennioptical.com, which is providing loads of cool glasses. The reason behind this low price is nothing but they sell their own manufactured frame without any third men. So if you want to buy any eyeglasses then your destiny should be zennieoptical.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

working of bluetooth

In this section let us learn how the files are transferred through the Bluetooth device. We know that the bluetooth system is built around an RF transceiver, a base band and a protocol implementer. This protocol implementer is responsible for the transmission of data via the low power radio waves on a frequency band that lies between 2.4 and 2.48GHz. This process involves the usage of three power levels for the three classes namely class1, class2 and class3. They are responsible for data diffusion over 100meters, 10 meters or 1m. The bluetooth computer keyboards setup class 3 networks. Transferring data from digital camera fall into the class 2 categories. The extensively used modems work in the class 1 network. When there is interference in the communication range between two or more bluetooth devices a special task is performed. An electronic exchange occurs to agree on whether they are in the position to carve up or one needs to control the other.

i love socialspark

I got good news for all the bloggers who wants to make money through blogging. IZEA has created a new website named SocialSpark. It is a social marketing network which brings advertisers and bloggers together through an online advertising marketplace. Apart from making money, bloggers can make friends with fellow bloggers, share ideas and even link exchange. The distinct feature of SocialSpark is that it allows communicating with other bloggers, creating communities and can even communicate with advertiser. This makes it distinguishable from other social marketing service. All you have to do is to register here and get approval for take the opportunity. There are certain criteria for registering your blog. Your blog must be 90 days older with 20 quality existing post. If your blog fulfill this need, you can sign up here.
Once you got approval, you gained the eligibility for taking the opportunities. Unlike other service, you need not wait here for the opportunity to come. Instead you can add qualified opportunities in the queue. Once the opportunities gets reserved, the corresponding blogger will be intimated by sending mail. You have maximum of 12 hours to write review about given opportunity. After submitting the post, the SocialSpark team will review this post and accepts those reviews that are of superior quality and rejects those that do not satisfy them. The exceptional thing in SocialSpark is the presence of “no-follow “attribute that exist on every sponsored link. This has been done to ensure that there is no interference with the search engine rankings. Once your post got approved, they will offer you the money they promised to your desired account. So what are you waiting for? sign up here and enjoy blogging.

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chocolates hunt

There are only few opponents to chocolates since most of us love to have it. The taste exerts a pull on most of the people especially the younger ones. Some put constraints on consuming this luscious stuff because they insist on the fact that it may cause dental problems and it is not good for health. Now these chocoholics have every reason to stand besides this consumption since a new study has found that chocolates possess the ability to stop bowel cancer. The driving force behind this capability is a naturally found chemical component that is predominant in chocolates. They reduce the rate at which these tumors grow and do not engage themselves with the healthy cells. The main component that protects our healthy cells is called as procyanidins, which is considered to be a class of molecules, embedded in the chocolates. They are found in abundant in cocoa beans that is the main ingredient for chocolate.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Sambhu’s two faces

It has been a long time since I have posted these kinds of real time horrible posts which contain a lot of kidding experiences (Kalai ma). We all know that sambhu (swaminathan) is a great entertainer of our set. But in this post I have portrayed sambhu in a different mood. What is the reason behind this expression of him? This is to the readers, can anybody guess what has happened to sambhu in the following two photos.

At last the third photo is related to above two pics. Find out and say the answer in the comments section. For the betterment of the readers we are giving a small clue for the reason behind these expressions of these 3 guys is not because of death or something sad. Think differently and smartly