Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nuclear energy crisis

Now the entire India is debating about the nuclear deal with U.S. Why the government is so much interested in the nuclear deal? What is the need of nuclear energy now?

These are the questions which are echoing in the nook and corner of the country. If we analyze these questions we will know that the nuclear energy is the alternate and future source of energy. In India the primary source of energy is from coal. The entire country is provided energy with lignite corporations. Only a few percentage of energy is being used from the other sources. If this condition continues then in near future there will be shortage in the power. This will lead to frequent power cuts, inadequate power supply. So to avoid these conditions we have to find an alternate source of energy. As we all know that the energy released during a nuclear reaction is very large. If this energy is utilized properly then it will be the best alternate fuel in the future. So the government is trying to develop a strong nuclear power base. But there are many flaws in the nuclear deal with U.S. If those things are corrected then this step of the government will the turning point in the future.

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