Monday, July 21, 2008

Alzheimer's Memory Walk

Every year I used to go my dearest friend’s house for vacation. I enjoy myself thoroughly with his family members. He has got nice parent especially his father who has amazing sense of humor, always keep his surrounding happily. Everyone likes to be with him always. This year also I went to my friend’s house to spend my vacation holiday. But to my surprise, his father didn’t recognize me. He was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer disease. It is nothing but a fatal brain disease which leads to death. He forgot everything in his life. It really hurts me a lot. I heard that Alzheimer association is conducting Alzheimer's Memory Walk every year to find the way to cure this disease. They are collecting funds through this for their research and also creating awareness among people. They are in need of volunteers and team captain to lead this 2-3 miles walk. I am going to join in this walk and contribute something for my friend’s father. Let us all join in this walk and fight against this fatal disease.

Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

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