Sunday, July 6, 2008

working of bluetooth

In this section let us learn how the files are transferred through the Bluetooth device. We know that the bluetooth system is built around an RF transceiver, a base band and a protocol implementer. This protocol implementer is responsible for the transmission of data via the low power radio waves on a frequency band that lies between 2.4 and 2.48GHz. This process involves the usage of three power levels for the three classes namely class1, class2 and class3. They are responsible for data diffusion over 100meters, 10 meters or 1m. The bluetooth computer keyboards setup class 3 networks. Transferring data from digital camera fall into the class 2 categories. The extensively used modems work in the class 1 network. When there is interference in the communication range between two or more bluetooth devices a special task is performed. An electronic exchange occurs to agree on whether they are in the position to carve up or one needs to control the other.

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