Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The 'Look'

Everyone likes to flirt with their opposite sex. If a guy happens to meet a beautiful girl, he definitely flirts her. The same thing repeats for girls also who will flirt, the moment they saw a handsome guy. So if you have confidence that you are master in flirting, then why can’t you try Ultimate Flirting Championship which is sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5? You can valuate your flirting skills here in this game. This is game very funny and interesting which requires three players. One is supposed to be judge and other two are flirts. You can be the judge or players. Judge can ask various questions about flirt and player should answer those questions in the unique to impress the judge. You can play this game through the widget provided them. You can also add this widget in your blog. Then you have to create your own avatar and wait for other two players to join in this game with you. At last the winner can earn the Victory Hair. Victory hair is nothing but the sequences of events that are associated to one another which may portray the twisted hair among the pairs. I enjoyed myself while playing this game. So what are waiting for? Just click on the widget below and start playing the game.

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Sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5

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