Monday, July 14, 2008

Leviathan Chronicles


Media is the major source of attraction always but the difference in media has undergone changes from time to time. In the earlier days, media was in the form of radio from which people used to gather information, listen to stories and their favourite tracks. These radio shows had gained a lot of popularity during that period. Now media is transformed into a new phase that is visual along with audio combined which we call as television. After the arrival of television radios are only seldom used.
Now, there is a new show being put up on radio which is called as the Leviathan Chronicles which is a sci-fi show and the main purpose of this resolute series is that it brings back the wonder of a time when your own imagination is filled in the gaps of a purely acoustic experience. Leviathan Chronicles is an audio adventure started by Christof Laputka. He is both a writer cum producer. We can listen to this show through our computers. It is also possible to listen to this show through i-pods. I listened to the first episode of this chronicles, the show was enthralling and interesting to the core. The crux of the show is about a sci-fi story of a young genetic scientist, Macallan Orsel who discovers powerful immortal beings that live secretly among people. So don’t miss this interesting show.

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