Monday, July 14, 2008

Irresponsible BSNL staff

Last Friday I had a problem in my broadband connection. The moment I entered the Mozilla, a pop up shows that ISP login failed and asked to enter user id and password.
I entered my password and waited for a while and restarted the Mozilla. I found the same problem. Then I went to BSNL office and I registered a complaint regarding this to a staff. He asked why the hell you entered the password and he asked me to do some stuff to correct that. I followed his words and did all stuffs. But all ends in vain. I found the same problem again. I took this matter to him once again and he told me that there may be some problem in server. And he added me that he will rectify it quickly. I waited patiently that whole day and also the next day. He didn’t take any steps on both Friday and Saturday. Next day is Sunday, so obviously no action from them. Then on Monday, I again went to their office and asked about my problem. I found a cigar in his hand and this time an old staff handled me. I told everything and he asked me to bring the modem to reconfigure it. I went to my house and brought that. The old staff did the same procedure what I did earlier on Friday in my house. I informed him that this procedure didn’t work. He didn’t hear my words and asked me to work now. Once again I went to my house and turn on my system. Same problem continues. This time I went to office with my friend and I found no one in the broadband section. The time was 10.30AM. A senior staff asked others to stop taking any more complaints. Then the phone next to me was keep on ringing, no one showed interest to attend that call. We waited almost there for 45 minutes. Then at last one staff came to me and asked what the matter is. I described to him for the third time. This time he told me a different story and asked to wait for some days.
Things I noticed there:
• Staffs are smoking inside the office itself. There is a law stating that no one should smoke in the public place. But they are doing in the office time itself. I couldn’t stand there for a minute.
• No one is attending the calls
• Even though I waited there for 45 minutes, I returned home without any positive result
I must tell this here one thing. Securities over there are working properly. I think they can take over these men’s job.

So what you think about this? It is wise to hand over all this government things to private. It is utter waste to give salaries to them. No customer service at all. Fit for nothing. Government should look at this and must take necessary steps against this irresponsibility.

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