Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sambu failed in LLR test

Last week i posted this photo.Now i am revealing the answer for the post..
The only thing we did in this vacation is joining the driving class. Last week I and Arafat appeared for the LLR test following us sambu and Bajji went to RTO to take up the LLR test. At first sambu cleared vision test as he got squint eye. Then both went to the online test which is supposed to be the easiest test in the globe. Sambu’s arrear habit continued here too. He got only two out of seven in the test. Let me reveal the some of the questions here that was given in the online test.

· What will be the punishment given to the person who is tested alcoholic while driving?

A) License will be banned

B) Only fine

C) None of the above

· How will you drive in the school zone?

A) Slowly

B) Carefully

C) Harshly

· Where we are not supposed to overtake?

A) State highway

B) Panchayat road

C) Narrow lane

· Where you will park the vehicle?

A) Bus stops

B) Middle of the road

C) Parking place

Rest of the questions where asked from signals. If you know the answer please give it in the comment section. I think even a child can get through this test. Bravo sambu...Roll on…Hipip Urahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….


sathukudi said...

machi chance illa da really dint had any clue of wats gonna be the answer...
i laughed till my stomach hurt..
ask him to apply for reval da..

arun said...

hey sambu why r u feel machi take it easy da. Chiken sapadum pothu feel panala ipa pandriya dai Frodu mavana nerla parthen chutni da

iswarya said...

hi sambu dont worry, i am also failed yaa! Over confidence is always not better, I knew it what about you. Better luck next time.