Sunday, July 6, 2008

chocolates hunt

There are only few opponents to chocolates since most of us love to have it. The taste exerts a pull on most of the people especially the younger ones. Some put constraints on consuming this luscious stuff because they insist on the fact that it may cause dental problems and it is not good for health. Now these chocoholics have every reason to stand besides this consumption since a new study has found that chocolates possess the ability to stop bowel cancer. The driving force behind this capability is a naturally found chemical component that is predominant in chocolates. They reduce the rate at which these tumors grow and do not engage themselves with the healthy cells. The main component that protects our healthy cells is called as procyanidins, which is considered to be a class of molecules, embedded in the chocolates. They are found in abundant in cocoa beans that is the main ingredient for chocolate.

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