Saturday, September 1, 2007


hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi dis s boobu...
ham really passionate bout cricket...
love and live for cricket... truly speaking for my bat ;) s d hottest
i love to share my tragedy and comedy era of my cricket life wit u..
so get ready for d blast wit ball and bat....
yuppy my lovely readers....

feel d heat,,.,ham ready here to rock yu......:)

ruki's squad
*rukesh (natta kokku) captain
*vijay (molaka bajji) vice captain
*bharath (mullam pandri) WK
*srivatsen (uccha mama) fast bowler
*ram (nandu kaiyan) fast bowler
*sairam (mandai) batsman/spinner
*vinoth (namitha/golli) dont knw (yet to discover)
*arvind (chyna,yung mang chung) reverse swing bowler
*SAMBU (meenu,sambu mavan,dhadi's wife) manager/financier/alla kai
*sadesh (dhadi,sambu's husband,baby 2,attack man)leg wide spinner/one over[hour]bowler
*samba (ondi puli) toilet window breaker

boobu's squad:
*boopathi (kaipulla) captain [MATCH WINNER OF OPPONENT TEAM]
*manoj (punch mama) vice captain
*ramesh (idly) batsman/spinner
*arun (ice mama) bowler/gada player
*vetri (battery vel) dasher/fielder
*narain (asault kokki kumar) destroyer/one ball batsman
*arafath (vinola/kari kada bai) batsman/swing bowler
*moorthy (mayandi,mark mama) sometimes batsman
*arul (yannai,lakshmi,baby,nemlicherry rowdy,etc.....) outfield destroyer
*parthiban (60 paise bun) transport officer/drinks supplier


Ground was atlast found by our teammates bajji thalian and d pitch was was terrible bowling pitch...
The great thing s tat arul came and rolled d pitch making it possible to play quicklyimportant to note tat dir was heavy rain before the play.

Toss won by ruki team.
ruki's instincts:he predicted a very good batting pitch, but it was ulta,chose to bat...

1st innings:

manoj and arun destroyed the whole team....
ruki-0,baji-3* arvind,hari,nari,goli,arafath all scored duck .
extras 8 wides given by manoj..
manoj & arun took three wickets each grand total in figures 14 all out......

boobu team batting 1st innings
it was bad decision to open wit me....first seven overs 5 runs including 3 wides...i was caught out for a duck....ramesh scored 2 runs and got out...den all flopped,,,,,
managed to get one run lead/////

2nd innings
again terrific start ruki got out a loose shot for a was an epitome of boobus drive....crazy pity guygood form of duck...den all scored single digits .
again boobi team bowlers helped ruki team wit wides and extras...
d run rate of rukis team was absoulutly stopped by d acrobatic efforts in d field by arul(lakshmi baby) not only damaged d rukis team but also d pitch ;)
tey set a huge target of 14 runs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
den boobi team chance now
opening pair changed,muniyandi moorthy promoted in d top,....
captain kaipula boobu stepped down d order.cracking shot by moorthy straight down d ground for a six (seems a kutti six).hopes down for ruki team...everyone scolding each other...kusumbu chyna helped boobi team.namitha goli as usual showed his own class wit bad fielding performances....

boobi team won d match wit no loss of wickets
jubilant victory ;) ;>mayandi won d man of d match....

Funniest moment:

1.lakshmi damaged d ground....
2.mayandi moorthys six

3.ducks by both captains(ruki 2,boobu 1)

aruls punch : " naan out ayeta, teamhey adutha secondla all out ayedum " ena koduma saravanan....cos he s d last batsman....hahahahahahaha crazy buggar ;)
This was pics which will prove,arul is really a outfield destroyer.ya he damaged d field while diving 2 stop the ball which was hit by captain ruki.
Wait 4 the second match.until then its bye from kai pulla.


sadesh said...

Next matchla kolai adi adichu bajji teama jeyika vachidren

santhosh kumar said...

nice description about arul....

From next week onwards i will also join....

Dogastray said...

Welcome to blogging da machi ... highly relevant template .. good choice ... and about the post...that was kinda good... and description about the people is damn hilarious...

go go go!!!!

AiShU said...

kaipula ji,,smetng diff frm d blogs tat i have cme acros..really v funny..d pics wid d description takes d highlight..realistic...keep it going...try to score well in next match..en sishyan ratha pve pannu next matchla..

Guhan M. said...

ur posts r a real fun to read. ur language usage makes thm more hilarious. terror matches r gonna start. coz i hv started to participate in the matches... luking 4ward for more posts frm u