Thursday, February 14, 2008


There are hardly few colleges in Chennai who will conduct the cultural in a grand manner. Some of the colleges are IIT, MIT, ANNA UNIVERSITY, KMC, MMC, MCC, SSN, LOYOLA, etc.

TECHOFES, ANNA UNIVERSITY Cultural started today (14th Feb). It is a mega event in the Anna University. They got hell lot of sponsors like AIRTEL, STATE BANK OF INDIA, L&T, PEPSICO, HYUNDAI, CROCODILE, RAMCO CEMENT and many more. Imagine how much money and resource they are having. Now I am coming to the point.

Why I have taken this topic?

What is the reason behind this topic?

Here it is…. I am good in Advertising the Product. As I told earlier, my team bagged lot of prizes in Ad Zap and we are untouchable in Chennai. Our hobby is to go to all the college cultural and symposium. Particularly we participate in Ad Zap and Dumb C.

As usual we planned to go to TECHOFES. I searched the TECHOFES Site and I saw that the Ad Zap (MAD ZAP) event is at 14.00 on 14th Feb. Right now my team members all are busy with projects. Still we planned some how and adjusted our timing to attend this event. I reached the Anna University today (14th Feb) at 12.30 much earlier than the specified time. But I was shocked by an incident. It is nothing but the First Round of Ad Zap Finals. Already the Ad Zap Prelims was over at 10.30. I argued to the judges (juniors). But they coolly said a word “SORRY”. I argued them as “how can you change the timings just like that”. They said it’s our entire mistake, please forgive us.

What you think of this?

Is this the way to conduct an event that too in ANNA UNIVERSITY?

Do you thing the answer given to me is valid?

And the Final was very much horrible to see. None of the participant didn’t know what Ad Zap is and most them were hiding behind the screens.

So, it’s really hurts me. Please do not conduct if you don’t know how to conduct. Better don’t have this event. This will affect the pride of your college. Please do not reciprocate the same in future. I hope there will not be any other confusion in rest of the days.


Santhosh kumar.S said...

In spite of having this much of sponsors, they are doing like this....and it is really sad....It seems there is no enthusiasm among the event co-ordinaters .....

paapu said...

excuse me, i'm one of the organisers in techofes and we've toiled for nearly 3 months. we know how much difficult to organise such a mega scale event. there will be positives as well as negatives. don judge the entire event by looking at a single event. the general comment which we recieved from most of the participants were that techofes is better than even saarang. so we r happy with those good comments. anyways our juniors will rectify the mistake.