Sunday, February 17, 2008


Hi everyone!!

In my last post I described about the flaws in the first day of TECHOFES. It will not be fair if I didn’t tell about the rest of the days in TECHOFES.

The second and third day of TECHOFES simply rocks. It vansihes the blunder that happened in the first day. In second day I participated in DUMB C prelims. And the mega event of second day was simply superb. VARIETY was bagged by MIT. And I watched LIGHT MUSIC event fully but I don’t the result. But all the colleges performed like a professionals. During light music, few minutes rain did the collapse. But all ends in nice manner.

And in the third day, the mega even was the FASHION SHOW and CHOERO NITE. FASHION SHOW was bagged by defending champs LOYOLA. They simply rocked the RAMP. And coming to my favorite event CHOERO NITE, totally around 10 colleges entered into the finals. The unexpected team was MADHA ENGINEERING COLLEGE. They performed a theme dance with huge set and cool costume. And the tough competition between the CRESCENT and the defending champs AM JAIN. Both performed equally well. And the third place was shared by SASTHA and ETHIRAJ. Second place was shared by MADHA and AM JAIN. And the winner was undoubtedly the CRESCENT.

The TECHOFES 08 was ended with the DJ NITE. After a long time, I thoroughly enjoyed myself by dancing non-stop with my school friends.

The main stage looked cool and the settings were grand with good light settings. And the informal events conducted by both AIRTEL and PRESIDENT OF TECHOFES added even more flavor to the cultural.

On the whole, TECHOFES 08 ends in a grand manner.

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Sadesh said...

choreo nite pics are rocking da. I missed it this year