Monday, October 1, 2007

Answers to the Match no 1..

Hard luck guys and gals... I am sorry to say that no one got the answers that i was looking for.. Although, i received some gud answers from many g&g, no one could get through my thoughts.. Enna purinju vechukitavanga yaarume iliya?? ok.. Now, time for the answers...

1) Sadesh -- Thala ( Sadesh is a big fan of Ajith)
2) Arun -- Divya ( Hubby and wife)
3) Vijay -- Sambu (Sambu is a big fan of vijay)
4) Bala -- Sankar ( Follower of sankaracharya)
5) Kudi -- Kalyani (Brand)
So, most of them got the last one right obviously... Bcoz neenga kudiya romba nalla purinju vechrukeenga.. So, next time, konjam moolaya kasakkunga while answering.. All the best for next match..


venkat said...

superb da..try to mosy most of the posts in this manner....

Tia Watson said...

Very nice one. Thank you and all the best.
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