Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Slam Post

Hi there, i've just thought converting my Slam book, to a slam post. All of u out there are welcome to fill it up.........

Just answer the questions in ur comments!

The Questions go as:::

1.Your Name:-

2.Lovingly Called:-

3.Your BirthDay and Zodiac:-

4.Contact Details:-

5.What is a Friend?:-

6.What is Love?:-

7.Wildest Dreams:-

8.Sweet Recollections:-

9.Any Confession:-

10.Good Things about Me:-

11.Some Bad One (2 be honest):-

12.Few words for Me :-

13.How should I remember you???:-


AiShU said...

name :aarthy aiswarya.k
lovingly called:aishu,thala,aarthy,
bday n zodiac :10th june,1987
(kekrathu perusu
kidaiyathu,kalathukum antha datuku wish vanthaganum...papom!)
Gemini,The Lovers!
Contact details:www.aarthy_jus4u@, n d
number stored in ur
mob...(un marriage
marakama anupchidu.
Friend :"u and me"defines
between two hearts
Love : brush aside ego,
learn the art of
talks,keep smiling
always to make ur
love all the whole
wild dream : once u came in ma
dream da in the
most wildest maner
recollections :(list is.....)
school days,
outings wid coll
times tat pased
wid noki,
nnn many more top
confession :i will never 4get
u in ma life time.
Abt u :u r such a gud dancer da..u really rock d stage...n ur spontaneous kalasification...gues u can get a phd in tat...nakals,creativity r attractive features in u...un thirutu muzhi,chance ila..n un curiosity in knowing abt"hot maters"..hehehe..i alwys used to laugh wen u ask me tat...u r cool!
badnu ethuvum solla mudiyathu...coz apadiye ethavuthu irunthalum athu vayasu kolaru...pogap poga sariyap nt makng it a isue to b mentioned...(heheh...)
all the v best for al ur future moves da...specially d real turning point in everyone's life...marraige...paavam eva matap poralo!n career part,hope u keep climbing up d ladder....wish u all suces n joy...
how to remember me????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????evlo thairiyam irutha en kitta intha kelviya ketpa!!!!!!!!!!!will u forget me?????sheruppu!
wid loads of lov,,,,its me "thala".

(again being d first!)[:-)]

Mahesh said...

1.Your Name:- Mahesh Subramanian.G

2.Lovingly Called:- Maggy, gms.

3.Your BirthDay and Zodiac:-
April 11,2007.
I dont know english zodiac..Rasi is SIMMA RASI(y asking? b'day anniki archanai pannuviya?)

4.Contact Details:-
No:4/20,eswari nagar,e.tambaram,chennai-59

5.What is a Friend?:-
Unarvugalai pagirndhu kolla ennalum
Unnudan oruvan- Nanban

6.What is Love?:-
Oru pattampoochiyai nee nesikiraya
Adhai parakka vittuvidu
Adhu unnai nesippadhu unmaiyendral
Adhu unnidame thirumbi varum!
Indha kabadi attame kadhal!

7.Wildest Dreams:-
Motta boss vs me in Raw is War!
Me falling from heaven!
We winning paper presentation..ha ha!

8.Sweet Recollections:-
EAch and every day of college.
Each and every symposium.
Each and every stage.
Each and every case we involved.
Each and every moment with u!

9.Any Confession:-
THe information provided are true to the best of my knowledge:D

10.Good Things about Me:-
CHANDRAMUKHI of enna koduma saravanan!
Great dancer.... EXPRESSION MAN.
Kalai nature..ur way of speaking!
Ur mega project!

11.Some Bad One (2 be honest):-
Exam time behaviour!!
Over enthusiasm sometimes in class when all of us are sleeping.(arul dhan da unna kedukaran)

12.Few words for Me :-

Nee chrompetla dhan kuppa kotta pore..naan selaiyurliyedhan kedakka poren... un veetla vandhudhan dvd write panna poren..un koodadhan cricket aadinu sentimenta kelappadhe!

13.How should I remember you???:-
Mavane...indha kelviku naan personala badhil solren..Ambulanceku solli vai!

Guhan M. said...

Guhan M.

Lovingly Called:

b'day and zodiac:
8th Nov,1986-Scorpio

Contact Details:

What is a friend?:
A friend is...
A push when you've stopped,
A word when you're lonely,
A guide when you're searching,
A light when you go blind;
A glass of ice lemonade when you feel thirsty,
A colour-drenched scene when you're in the dark.
A guarantee when you're uncertain,
A cheer when you fear,
A smile when you're sad,
A song when you're glad,
A sense of trust when you're in deep rest.

What is love?:
Waste of Time, Waste of Energy, Waste of Money.

Wildest Dreams:
CEO, Tata Consultancy Services

Sweet Recollections:
Our tour to north, especially the camp-fire

Good things about you:
The way u keep people around u in a jolly mood... great companion to be with

Bad things about you:
ipdi scrapbook vaanga kanjathanam pattukittu enna ipdi bandwidth waste panna vekkiradhu

Few words for u:
Never lose contact of your friends. You never know how helpful they can be, at one time or the other. All the very best for your future

How should you remember me?:
sriramajeyam ezhudhura maadhiri, dinamum en paera 108 thadavai ezhudhu

divs said...

lovingly called:autograph,divs,mammi,baju
enna sir treat kekarthuka??
friend:one whose there wid us all d time...(ni mokka joke adikum us)
love:a sweet relation which i dont knw to define yet..
wild dream:geting hold red handed to MR.BALU
sweet recollections:almost all d dayz in colg,our outings,d time we six got caught(simply superb)...ha ha
confession:un projecta eppadiyavathu kandu pidipen..
good things abt u:a vry gud dancer..shld develop this and bring out ya talents more to dis far as i have noticed ni koncham caring type nu nenaikaren..
abt u:thimiru..kozhupu ellam kalantha kalavai "nii"..apparam ooru vambu..ooru vambu nu solluvangale athu ponnungaluku mattum illa..pasangalukum oondunu therinchathu unkitenthu than...
few words fr u:have a gr8 life..wish u all success in evrything..vara ponna romba kalaikatha..pathu bayanduda pora..
hw shld i remmbr u??:etha etha than thimiru nu sonen..

Dogastray said...

Name: Sambashiva.B.S
Lovingly Called ..(adha ellam theriyaadu.. )..Samba,Ondepuli,

Birthday: 24th August , Zodiac: 'Virgo'

Contact Details: Dogastray
(ennakum konjam hit yeeranum alla va)

11, A MMTC Colony Nanganallur Chennai 61

Friend: A person whom u can bank upon at anytime... got nothing else to tell becoz.. right now i dont have any forwards with me..

Love:... i better skip this

Wildest Dreams: Public ellam sollapadathu... anyways u know what..

Sweet Recollections:There are hell lot of them.. every damn college dais we stepped is one.. Especially the time 'WE' start hunting the the event co-ords for raising troubles.. Crescent la arramechu SRM Vallaiammai varai ..

Hope we extend this till our last OD...

Any Confessions: Ennake tamizha englipish adheka varathe.. :-(

Good things about U: damn (anngila ketavarthau) Straight forward.. Ur sense or ability of taking steps forward.. the rush in u is the one i feel makes u apart from other...
u r ruddy brilliant in kalaichifying.. onnake oru bali adhu kadacha porum... suthu suthu kalaika vandhiyadu...

The tacticss of increasing ur comments in the comments section ennake romba pudhuchirruke.. okainthe yoseepiyo..

Bad things: When the exam time comes i dont know from where u get those 2 evil horns... there is one more thing earlier that u have straightened ..purse saa edhukamata ... ippo appaapo kanala kamekeraa..
;-) ..

this is the thing that we wont forget .. goiaalaa... Pudhu phone vangite .. eppo da sonna... bloody rascal..

Few words for u : Be the way u are right now.. girls like boys who are straightforward ..;-)

Till we stick around here in chennai.. i dont wont miss the time we spend in ground.. seeing u screaming for every delivery u collect and the sight of coming to the bowler for chumma .... those are memorable...

How should i remember u: dai .. for the past 20 minutes i am trying to type tamil in english .. maximum onnnoda thandavaalatha vandavaalathe konduvarammm paakaren... last question la twist vakaraarama...

Remember me as the one who always held "ms.Chandramukhi" back .. ;-)

@ divya..
u will never get hold of our dream project .. thalakeela nee yosichalum kudi.. sorry kuda...

ViJaY said...

Name: Vijaykrishnan S

Lovingly called: VJ, VK, Maravats and hopefully Vijay...

Bday and Zodiac: The 10th of November,1986 and Im a scorpion King!!!

Contact details: Therinjunde kekka koodadhu machi... Scene podakoodadhu ipdiyellam...

Friend: Neeyum naanum...

Love: Neeyum Avalum...(Cha!! Thoo!!!)

Wild dream: Ennala unna madhri WILD ah kanavellam kaana mudiyadhu... Eppovume ordinary dreamz thaan...

Sweet recollections:
Tour... Dumbc!!! Then, that first over tht i bowled to u... (heehee)and many more yet to come..

Venam... Apram pala unmaigal veliya varum da...

gud ones abt u: You are very straight forward... Practical guy... Vera edhavudhu nalla pazhakkam irundha enakku msg pannu.. Adha post panren...

Some bad ones: Straightforwardness again... Edam porul eval theriyaama pesadhe machi inimel... Selfish during exams... Apram namma group ke uriya KD thanam, Fraud thanam ellam irukku.

Few words for u:
Enna venum unakku??? Pasikkudha da????

how shd u remember me??

Stupid ques to ask.. Thts u who has to decide... Try to remember or else just forget it!!!

priya said...

1.Your Name:-A.Priyadharshini

2.Lovingly Called:-Diamond,Kallis,Baby,AP,n ofcourse Priya

3.Your BirthDay and Zodiac:-july 13,1987 and cancer

4.Contact Details:-mobile no iruku la adu podum..chumma free ya en mail id

5.What is a Friend?:-friendship=GOD

6.What is Love?:-one thing necessary for any relationship

7.Wildest Dreams:-apdi onum varala..vanda i wil update..

8.Sweet Recollections:-outings wit frenz,tour,our dance practice sessions

9.Any Confession:-nil

10.Good Things about Me:-very very caring,friendly,straight forward..podum romba overa solliten

11.Some Bad One (2 be honest):-u dont accept certain things n so arguing abt it,then kovam..

12.Few words for Me :-stop arguing esp durin dance..reduce ur anger

13.How should I remember you???:-thoda..over ah ila unake..inime no hot news,and no treat nee ipdi oru ques ketadukagave..

priya said...

forgot to say this..
bad things:always askin me for treat..oru thadava pannadu podhada??next not accepting the fact tat i weigh less than u..i hav proved it many times but u hav not accepted it..

Swaminathan said...

1.Your Name:- Swaminathan.G

2.Lovingly Called:-Sambu,fish,***mbu,allakai

3.Your BirthDay and Zodiac:-15/09/1987, VIRGO

4.Contact Details:-Residence 044-22234388, Mobile-91-9840324964

5.What is a Friend?:- A wellwisher and according to me he is my shadow will come throughoutmy life..

6.What is Love?:- The one who empties our (Ghajana)

7.Wildest Dreams:- Playing Cricket for india

8.Sweet Recollections:-
Playstation Umpire incident..
All 13 Cards winner in Ass..
Pipe matter..
Phone call to fish by ramesh(GUNDAN)..
A fight with Vetri in the ground..
Smoke..(Fully Censored)..

9.Any Confession:- No Confession In public..

10.Good Things about Me:-
Very frank and spontaneous person(Especially Kalasifying others).
A decent cricket player.
A great Expressive dancer.

11.Some Bad One (2 be honest):- Sometimes kalasifiying goes over the limit..
Sometimes Tension which u Should Avoid..

12.Few words for Me :- Finish ur B.E Succesfully..
Lead A Pleasant And Humble life.

13.How should I remember you???:- U Cannot Forget Me.. U know Why..

sathukudi said...

name: kudi

lovingly called as: sathish..

DOB: 16th september,virgo :)
friend:Friendship is a term used to denote co-operative and supportive behavior between two or more humans.(wikipedia..)

love:its like a delicious ice cream over a cone with thorns.. it hurts also pains..

wildest dream: surely not about u..

sweet recolt: our third sem, tour, u and me in chettinadu hotel with ah, our first trip in my bike and how we escaped death.. haha

confession: i want to inform ur wife(if so happens) about ur project..

good things:
semma jovial, dance,ur way of speaking(theriyatheaa..),straight forward, can surely xpect some humor wer u are

bad things:
machi overa pesurathe, selfishness.. nee mattum class kavanikerathu.. while playing cricket- inningsne solli ore emathurathu..(ore nal adivanga pora)

few words for u:
chitiramum kaipazakamum..

how should i remember u:
machi unlike others.. i wont scold u for this da.. cause u may be busy on ur project so... u can remember me wenever u see a citizen(kudimagan)

November 7, 2007 11:20 AM

Santhosh kumar.S said...

Name: Santhosh Kumar.S
Lovingly called: sano
Birth day: 13th sep 86(real)
13th Dec 86(as per records)....
enakku 2 birthdays..he he he...
Rasi: dhanush

Friend: Refer Natpudaimai athikaram by Thiruvalluvar
Love:refer any tamil kavignar book..u will find it

wild dream: Naan tamil nadu america pola maaruvathu....

sweet recollections: tour, cultural activites and all koothu adichifying functions

confession: ethuvum ninaivukku varala.....

good and bad things about u: namma ellarukkum theriyum...

by keeping in touch

jana said...

1.Your Name:- Janardhan.g

2.Lovingly Called:- IYER

3.Your BirthDay and Zodiac:-july 09,1987 and cancer

4.Contact Details:-mobile no iruku la adu podum..chumma free ya en mail id vechuko-

5.What is a Friend?:- one who shares everythin wit the other w/o expectationss...

6.What is Love?:-divine & pure thing which now a days has become time pass..

7.Wildest Dreams:-apdi onum varala..vanda i wil update..

8.Sweet Recollections:-my lif n NSN

9.Any Confession:-nil

10.Good Things about Me:-
last nit study 4 sem...daily drinks..(at least 3'ce a week)

11.Some Bad One (2 be honest):-u dont accept certain things n so arguing abt it,then kovam..

12.Few words for Me :-nothin wrong n ur part dude...

13.How should I remember you???:-otha dei odi poidu!!!

ramesh said...

1.Your Name:-ramesh raja.d

2.Lovingly Called:- rae,gunda,funnyguy,gundu,ramy,etc...etc

3.Your BirthDay and Zodiac:-18th march 1987 aquarius

4.Contact Details:-ena machi sandhu ela erundhu eati patha en vidu ethuku da contact details
santhu boopathi....anywayz 9884794321

5.What is a Friend?:- a friend s someone who will listen to you, laugh with you, have fun with you, and is there when you're in need. This defines a good friend, of which i have a few.

6.What is Love?:- anbe sivam.....[love s god] thala dialogue da

7.Wildest Dreams:- playing fro indian cricket team, best business person in d world

8.Sweet Recollections:- many r dir.......but recent one my gal frnd,...gettin bronze medal in cricket

9.Any Confession:-mama pala matter i have to leak out den....

10.Good Things about Me:- nenga nallavara ketavara

11.Some Bad One (2 be honest):- u wont accept wat u did was wrong.....den bad captaincy machi [lolz]...hmmmm den u dont use ur wallet......tat means
u wont spend money......dai dont give him treat da .....unga sotha azechiduvan

12.Few words for Me :- be good do good....respect others....dont change ur character for any reason for any person

13.How should I remember you???:- machi buttox reapair ayedum da....sambu vitu rape panna vachiduvan k ....silly question da mama

Vinod Balboa said...

lovingly called:dev, handsome, peter...
bday zodiac: 12th march, pisces
contact :
friendship: hard to find these days
Love: Even harder to find
Wild dream: me being beaten and cut into pieces by some unidentified people!!!!!
sweet recollection: sept 18 2003 - my first and last proposal to my love!!
Jan 3 2004 - the day my love was reciprocated!!

July 3 2006 -the day i got my offer letter!!!
confessions: naan oru appavi sight adikka theriyadhavan, kadalai poda theriyadhavan!!!
Abt u: Nee oru localnu nenaichen.. aana blog eludhura alavu nee masthaan aayitey.. Keep up the good work
Few words for u: Mahesh sonna madhiri sentiment kelappadhey

raghavendran said...

Name: guru a.k.a. Raghavendran R

Lovingly called:guru,raagha,raghav,csraaga,saamiyar.

B'day:14-Aug-1986 & Zodiac is Leo

Contact Details:
No.8,Bhavithra Apts,
24th Street,Nanganallur,
Chennai-600 061,
Tamil Nadu,

+91-98407 46957[nee ISD panna, code idhudhan]

What is a friend:
1. A person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.
2. A person who gives assistance; patron;

apdinu dictionary solludhu.

But the question must be
who is a friend:
Idho Answer:
"Friendship is like peeing in your pants. Everyone can see it, but only you can feel its warmth...!!"
This is what i got in googling da:)epdi....???

What is Love:
Idhukkum google dhan...:D

A Friend's Love says:
" If you ever need anything,
I'll be there."

True Love says:
" You'll never need anything;
I'll be there."
Ennamaa eludhuranda...!!

Wildest Dreams:
Hmmmm...vendam..terror ah irukkum...:D
Adhunaala "PASS"...

Sweet Recollections:
Latest ah...
>Benazir Bhutto's =]
>Ur ym photo kalaai by mi.

All time hits are
>Ur narration of kaipulla..!!!ROFL
>Interactive DVD menu...!
and many more...!LOL

Any Confession:
Raghavendran is a very gud boy*

Good Things About Me:
>You are very innovative:)
>Very Practical
>Does things what u want to do.

'Some' Bad Ones:
>Does things what u want to do without seeing the other side:)
(Pun here is intended)

Few words for me:
Ivlo neram indha words laan yaarukkaga eludhinen...?`'@'`?#>$!{*!&~
Eai...Enna vechu comedy.... kemedy.... pannaliye...?

How should I remember you:
unhh...Nenjula(wait..!spelling correct dhan) en paera paccha kuthi...

*but not guru;)

thozhan guru.