Sunday, October 7, 2007

Answers 4 the second match

Once again I thank all the participants.As i told before,i will combine the results of the previous one with this result and collectively decide the winner.
Every one is coming with some answers,which may be correct.But it is not the one ham looking for.Everyone saying that u r changing the answers accordingly with intention of not 2 give away prize 2 anybody.But i promise,ham not doing this.

am i entertaining u? Is it nice r boring?

Here is d Answers:
Ragav-Vijay(Chairmans of CSE)
Sri Lakshmi-Bai(Bus+Thupatta matter)
A.B-Aishu(Hubby & Wife)
And the winner is Priya.she got 5 pts out of 15.but she didnt participated in previous match.despite she got high mark than others.well done DIAMOND BAPU.thanks 4 participating.


priya said...

dei..pichu puduven da una..anniyayam panra nee..7 correct and 5 nu solra..una madichu nan en time spend pannen la..paavi..and yen da en manatha vangirka anda name ah potu..loos payyan..ur contest is nice..super time pass..but next post la inum better ah try pannu..

R..Bala said...

Dei....If u have told multiple entries r allowed,i would have worked out many COMBINATIONS.

boobu said...

unn mutta kanna open panni nalla paru ,5than correct answer.i want proper reason also.anyway unn nick name worldku theriyuim.nan enna pudhusa solla?