Thursday, August 21, 2008

Are you Normal or Nuts?

Books are the best companion to have. It is very necessary to select right books to read. Because once you involved in reading the books, you tend to imitate the characters in that book. So it is very important to select right kind of books. My friend also very much interested in reading comics and fiction kind of books and novels. Last week I went to his house and it was damn hilarious to see him. Now he is reading a fiction story and in the garden of his house he just trying to imitate the hero of that book. It really looks funny to me and I asked him Are You Normal or Nuts? These kinds of things are not only happened to my friend, there are many people in this globe who are behaving like this. While surfing in the internet I found cool news that there is a magazine named Reader's Digest which has a separate column for humor and jokes. This column is known as Reader's Digest Laughs. In this column you can find real incidents of some people who also experienced that question Are You Normal or Nuts? So don’t panic or feel sad by these kinds of questions thinking that you are abnormal. These things are common people, so nothing to worry about this. Read this magazine and get well soon.

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