Monday, August 11, 2008

Congrats Mrs Raaji

Today to my surprise I got the mail from my company regarding Date of joining. Some of my friends got it on January and for me it is on March 2009. I felt bit restless by seeing this mail. I really don’t have any clue about what to do in these coming months. In my gang, Rajarajeswari, sush also placed in the same company. I just had a little chat regarding above said crisis. I pasted the conversation that we had in the gtalk for your attention.

Boopathi: hey I am happy that I got the mail

Rajarajeswari! : Why the hell u so happy?
Ellarukum inga stomach burning
enga amma ,mapila paka porangalam

Boopathi: ha ha
Great comedy
Will put post regarding this

Rajarajeswari! : I am trying to convince her

I think it is a brave move by her parents. Let us keep our fingers crossed and see what happens. I felt very bad that these kinds of things are not happening in my house. I hope that it will happen in my house too in future.


divya said...

hey any help needed by ur mom.. tell us raji..Will see to it that its not delayed too much..seekaram kalyana sapadu podu.....

ARFI said...

huh she is vry happy indeed to know tht her parents are searching for a guy but shes little bit shy thts y talkin lik tht and by the way all the best raji u r the one who gonna get vry soon in our set
and i can understand ur pain boopathi
even in my house the case is same they are talkin abt marriage
raji u r vry lucky ya