Sunday, December 2, 2007


Hi everybody
this is the post about my karthika deepam celebration.

let me start with the details of karthika deepam
there was a man called karthika,whose wife is deepa..... ippadi solli mokka poda like pannala
if u want to know about the details of karthika deepam,just turn your eyesight to the left of your window and click kavin preeti in my blog roll.she described about this festival in a brief manner.
now coming to my celebration
i started reading DSP(Degree Stopping Paper) on 24th of last month, suddenly i heard crackers bursting sound.Then i realised, that day is karthika deepam(The festival of light).


Then i closed my book and went down to start the celebration.
First i went to kitchen and helped my mom by doing all kinds of stuffs to prepare kozhukattai(my favourite).
meanwhile my sister did all the preparation to light the Agal villaku.
Then my mom and sister went to the street and started decorating my house by ligthing Agal Villaku.
No words to describe that beauty....Then i took few fotos.

Here comes the real celebraton...... My mom came to me and gave hot kozhukattai after padachify it to lord muruga.
Before finished eating that she gave me maa villaku.
Then delicious yummy sankara fish kollambu meals with mutton chops.
hmmmmmm apparam enna?
kanna kattidichuu.. went to my bed.thatz it. my celebration over.
No DSP for that day.

i started reading DSP(Degree Stopping Paper) on 25th of last month, suddenly i heard crackers bursting sound.Then i realised, that day is second day of karthika deepam(The festival of light).
then goto A

ena eppadi my usage of goto statement...

Coming next:X MAS celebration(Dec 25th)


priya said...

so final ah nee dsp padikave ila nu dane sola vara..purinjidu..aduku eduku sambandame ilama karthigai deepam mudinju two weeks ku apram solra..again n again u r provin tat u r a big loose..i lik it buddy!!!inum edirpaakaren unkita irundu..

priya said...

adapavi nee dsp padikave ilanu evlo build up koduthirka inda post la..elam poi 12 in the night u hav askd doubt..correct ah??epo ipdi poi sola start panna..inime unaku no hot treat..also no comments in ur blog..

ViJaY said...

dei fraud!!! DSP ku munnadi nee padikalaya?? KAdhai udardhuku alavu irukku da... Chitode, Nagoor kani, ramesh babu and Sanjay sharma vechikitu 3 naalum kan muzhichu padicha!! Idhellam avangale avlo neram padichrukka maatanga da.. go to podriya??? Program eh error dhaanda!!!

P.S. Indha post il irukum endha vishayamum unmai alla... Ellam muzhukka muzhukka karpanayae nu podra!!!

P.P.S. Enakku DSP la 70 dhaan varum nu add pannikko...

Anonymous said...

when i asked u doubt?that too at 12.
dont tell green poi.
coming 2 treat and hot matter,ooruke theriyum ne treat vaika matta,hot news sollamatta.dont act smartly.
mark vandavudane thriyum nan padichana illayanu....

Anonymous said...

y u left out senthilnathan da....
i have all collection,but i didnt touched anyone except nagorekani.
mark varatum,appo theriyum......

Dogastray said...

next time u b**** about the fact that u r gonna get a bad score in DSP .. bad words vandhudum.. but i did enjoi the goto part .. that should be have been .. goto i-read-dsp-without-sleep

oru loose say loose ne sollu girathey !!!

boobu said...

ur goto statement was apt 4 last 2 days da.
but karthika deepam was on first day of the holiday
so mine is correct.
urs will produce error dude.

jaya said...

dai paradesi naye,,,,,,then y did u asked my "RAMESH BABU" book so urgently before the 7th sem exams started...avalovam verum scenukka???
mariyathaiya book ah thiripi thara velaiya paru.....

boobu said...

machi i will return the after the results have published da.because dsp is cat on the wall 4 me.