Wednesday, December 12, 2007

namitha's dharisanam

Finally I corrected the mistake which was in my passport, yesterday.

They wrongly printed my mom’s name (spelling) as Devagi kannak instead of Devagi kannan.

Yesterday I went to ShastriBhavan for this purpose. As usual heavy crowd, long queue stretching all the way to the street. I wrote one complaint letter and joined that long queue for the enquiry desk. After waiting 45 min, I got the chance to meet that respective member. He asked me to go to correction center in the second floor. There I joined yet another queue and after 45 min ,I handed over ma passport the correction department. In the meantime I saw Prithivraj(BABLU) in the same correction center. He looks like a macho man , well built, conversing very harshly through his mobile. Then I saw the old actor, I don’t know his name but he acted in father role madhu-cheenu comedy serial (Crazy mohan’s serial).At last I got ma passport.

I waited hardly 2 hours for correcting my passport. It is all because of carelessness of the government staff who entered ma mom’s name wrongly. I got irritated and full of frustration started walking towards my uncle’s house. Suddenly I stunned near adidas show room in nungabakkam,. Do u know why?

The answer is I saw the beautiful, ever smiling, well built, tall, glamorous, gorgeous, elegant, sexy NAMITHA. She waved her hand to all with cute smile and she went into the car and flied. What else I need, my frustration, irritation, sorrow all vanished like anything. I got dream and singing duet song with namitha , Arjuna……..Arjunaaa….

This is the first day in ma holiday, I spend it in a useful manner……..


Mahesh said...

aga...u no action...??? ennada...u waste...gundan irundhurukkanum!

boobu said...

idam porul eval.........

Dogastray said...

arjuna arjuna voda nirithitiyaa illa vare ethadaa panni yaa..

yedho .. dhivya dharisanamm kadhichidoo noo .. that'z enough ..

passport la correction panni ya illa yaa

boobu said...

piravi payan adaythenada
regarding passport correction, vetri.....

guhan said...

namitha photo-va paathadhukku apparam dhaan un blog-ku yen boost"boob"u-nu title vecha-nu puriyuthu