Thursday, December 6, 2007

foto puzzle

hi viewers
it has been a very long time ,i post a puzzle.
so here v go with the puzzle
it is somewhat different from the previous one,i hope u like this.
this may offend few,but plz take it easy.
do not take it as serious and do not create unnecessary scene.







and this is the end of the puzzle.
And the following are some of the fotos with funny comments.



and this is it. post ur answers through comments.
After one week,let me publish the results.
one can take 2 chances.
all the best
bye bye


sathukudi said...

first pic- samba..
second pic- kavin..
third pic- sambu..
fourth pic- kaipulla..
hard- raja...(he he he)
very hard- couldn guess machi(indeed its very hard)
bonus- no idea,but if u tilt ur head and c the pic its kinda something adfsf(very bad mind..)

the seven times was a good one da..(

boobu said...

thanks 4 participating da
well u got almost all right answers,
letz c the results of others.
good attempt...

ViJaY said...

Easy one: Samba...
Blacky is Kavin..
Normal one: Guys behind black t shirt is Bajji(Vijayraghavan).
The 4th one is: Boopthi a.k.a kaipulla!!!
hard: Raja..
Very hard: Haa haa haa... Very very hard... Diamond babu...(rotfl)
Bonus: I think its kudi...

Machi.. All fotos are ultimate da!!! Semma kalaai!!! Really enjoyed them da mac!!

P.S. Enakku publicity ellam pidikkadhu machi.. Anyways, continue ur holy holy work da!!!

boobu said...

good work da machi
machi i dont want reveal the ans
wait 2 more days
thanks 4 participating

priya said...

nee romba emathara da so comment panna vendam nu nenaichen..but edho panren..
first pic-samba
second pic-kavin
third pic-vijay raghavan
fourth pic-boopaty
fifth pic-bala
sixth pic-this gr8 personality is none other than "ME" ie priya
seventh pic-ragav
idho paaru un blog popular aganum nu en foto va lan potu find panna solriya??enaku share kodu mariyadhaiya..ilana avlodan solliten..

Am Prasi... said...

hi da...great post...all pics and the comments are funny... :)
the answers are :
1st pic : samba
2nd pic: kavin
3rd pic : vijayraghavan
4th pic : you
5th pic : raja ( one wild guess )
6th pic : he he he he...priya... romba kashta pattu daan kandupidichen...
bonus : sadesh ?

keep posting this way da...its nice.. :)

Santhosh kumar.S said...

1. samba
4. kudi
5. rajesh

others couldn't get....vayasu aachu paaru.....

rajkingme said...

1. Samba
6. Don know ( might be taken from some asylum) again.

ps: Nice potos..... laughed a lot.

Mahesh said...

Easy ones: Samba and kavin(blacky)
Normal one: Bajji
And in the next one it is U.
HArd is Raja
Very hard is indeed very hard- loose kallis

Bonus is dhaadi i hope..

Nice times ashok sharma rocks!


some 2nd yr guy
ur self
cibe or arul(not sure)

boobu said...


ammam nee periya ulagaa azhagi,nan una vechi popular aagi kodi kodiya sambarikuren......adhula unaku share vera tharanuma?
anyway it was a nice try..

Guhan M. said...

1st pic-Samba Shiva
2nd pic-pass
3rd pic-Swaminathan
4th pic-Yourself
5th pic-Mudiyala...
6th pic-priya
bonus pic-sutham...onnum theriyala

dhaadi's makeup photo is the highlight of this post... who is the makeup man?

boobu said...

bad try machi
bdw makeup man was all of our gang

arun said...

bonus - I think its sadesh or raghav