Saturday, January 5, 2008

Do you think India should call this Tour OFF ?

Frankly, after the series of Mishaps ...

1. Rahul dravid : Given out while the Ball kissed the pad
2. Saurav Ganguly : No way out ... Given Out after consulting the fielding captain !!!
3. Wasim Jaffer : Bowled off a no ball
4. Ricky Ponting : Clear edge ... was adjudged Not out
5. Andrew Symonds : Clear edge ... was adjudged Not out
6. Andrew Symonds : Was stumped while the feet was on air ; 3rd umpire adjudged not out. Again the same , this time .... decision not even forwarded upstairs !!
7.Mike Hussey was adjudged Not out
8.RP singh was clearly not out

Australia played with 13 members,added mark benson and steve bucknor to their team. yeh sorry 14 members, i left out the honorable third umpire. what a decent match it was. A nice way to enter into the new year. BCCI should handle this matter seriously and has to teach a nice lesson to them. For heaven sake dont ever call the Australian Player as Gentle man, each and every player showed their own character. Symonds, Ponting, Hussey were not interested in walking after they nicked the ball. And clark was standing for a while after a clear edge, Kumble begged the umpire to raise his precious finger.Mark Benson asking clark for clarification regarding Ganguly's take in the second innings. The Umpires refusing to raise their finger for the Australians and refusing to drop their fingers for Indians. And to top all these up... there is a Racial controversy as a "Mind game" !!!The only reason behind is Bhajji took the wicket of Ponting for 8 times.And all these were against India .. I sincerely feel , this Tour does not have any meaning left and India should end this immediately after the 2nd Test ...

Man of the Match: shared by Mark Benson & Steve Bucknor....

What do you guys say ?


AiShU said...

the fact tat was so obvious in d series was that d so cald "world champs"were desperate to hit d record n thereby ready enugh for all d unfair game..d way ponting acted in d press meet was like..uuuhhhhhh,r u d man who leads the world champs team!!!4get it!
none to b spared....gilly,ponting,symonds((((******)))),Michel clarke...everyone gone mad!
d lack of concentration of d umpires were well utilized by d world champs to have d ball in their pocket...
bt if they think they can go on like this to b d world champs,then there can b no fools like them.
a day will come n they will b on d receiving side frm then on...
till then....let them dance!
no INDIA was at its best!
Chak De India!

KUNAL said...

OOH..t ws a real unsporty game playd by the aussies..
wat do they thnk every1 wl b proud of foot .al wl disgrace themm...this is nt how a champion team wins.,.this ws purely desperate stuff...india shuld eithr call of this tour immediately or send a second string team 2play..cos aussies wl win watevr u do..
this ws a purely fixed match..u saw symonds gving a pat on the bck 2bucknor..wat else does this specify????
one more thng cn b dne...the match 2be calld ws done earlier in a test of ind vs sa..
bt bcci shuld be strng nd nt pull off.
its really imp 2show dem cricket cnt be sold n won like this

Sadesh said...

we should not quit the tour

Vijayaraghavan said...

said right da.honest and ending up in the losing side is better than winning like this bloody fucks..

Mahesh said...

Australia is not fit to play the game of cricket! They are depending on the umpires for their winning. Michael clarke appadiye ninna bodhu appadiye seruppala adhichirukanum!

Am Prasi... said...

well written da... the whole match was like utter non-sense!!injustice meted out to the honest playing side-india.. and those bloody cheaters win the game to match a worl record...this is absolutely the worst thing that can ever happen in the world of gentleman's game!!
well..aussies the worst team ever...!! the best cheaters in the world!! hope there comes a time when they get defeated even by ireland in the initial stages of w world cup!! those dogs need it!!

decenthunk said...

no India Shouldn't call off the tour but they now shud fuck the aussies by beating them in both the remaining test matches