Monday, January 28, 2008

MaraStar Communications

Teaching a particular thing is an art. In my classroom, my teacher teaches me the subject monotonously without any break. It makes everyone in my class to sleep, so that nothing will enter into our mind. I tried hard to listen to the words of the lecturer. But the monotonous voice of the lecture made me to sleep in the class. However, it was an entirely different story when the trainer knew how to interact humor and interesting visual aids throughout the training sessions. Then the particular thing which they teach will get into our mind easily. MaraStar Communications produces and distributes animated software products designed to train, motivate and communicate with employees. So that everyone will learn easily and effectively whatever they teaches.

If any institution or the organization wants the animated software products designed to train, motivate and communicate with employees, you can get these products from MaraStar Communications. The animated software products are so funny and in the same time it also informative. The animated cartoon product can be played automatically and can be paused anywhere we want. These short, animated cartoons provide employers with a means of communicating in a fun and effective way that ensures the message is not only heard, but retained. I have just viewed one on customer service humorand must say that the animation was indeed very impressive. MaraStar has created hundreds of fun and engaging Animated Cartoon Videos, called Toonups, which use humor and comedy to help make your training and communications more effectively and memorable. The demo cartoon was only for a short 1 minute about a female client stranded in an island on a boat with a hole in it. She is having one glue tube and wanted to repair the hole on the boat with the glue. She called up the manufacturer of the glue to ask if the glue was water-proof and when the customer service staff replied her call, she was so glad and told him that his answer was a life-saver. The animation was funny and the message was clear and could be easily retained.

The pricing option for the animation package is affordable. Customers can choose from 3 options of online access, download access or dual access starting from only $15 per month. If you want this animated software for training process, do visit this site.

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