Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tips to IPL and ICL:

IPL (Indian Premier League) and ICL (Indian cricket League) are the two big leagues currently running in India. It’s all started after the early exit of Team India from world cup 07. Kapil Dev’s ICL was first started to give chances to the entire domestic as well as few international players to play the game to achieve exposure of international game. It seems to be attracted by all the viewers, players and advertisers. Then suddenly BCCI started even big league called IPL. Both the leagues offer good pay for the players.

Recently at the end of last year, ICL finished its first league. It was a grand success one. BCCI and many other cricket playing nations warn their player not to play in ICL. If they want to do so, they will not find place in their country. It shows the success of ICL, the Rebel League. It increases the hype of IPL. This seems like battle between ICL and IPL.

Both ICL and IPL are following 20-20 game format. In order to survive in this battle both the league should introduce some innovation to attract the viewers as well as advertiser. I have one suggestion for this. Form a group comprising of batsman and bowlers. And form another group comprising of all rounders. Set match between this two groups.

Let’s see, how IPL league is going to be?

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Swaminathan said...

i hope IPL will also provide us a good entertaining season of cricket as the ICl did. But anyway ur tips are nice. I wish u to become a elite member of ICC ha ha ha!!!!!!!