Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why girls are like this?

All the content below I have published is very much real. This may hurts few or many or whole girls. Let it hurts, but I want the proper reason. Don’t mistake me….

The topic why I chose this was, I had a very very bitter experience with my own classmates both in the forms of school and college. I don’t know why there was a sudden drastic change in the mentality of girls. I will suggest this by giving few ugly experiences which made me to write this post. If you know the reason please tell me the way how to handle girls.

Ugly moment number one:

This happened to me in one of the public places. This was the first insult I faced because of girls in my life time. Here it goes like this…. On this ugly day, at railway station, I happened to see my old friend who knew me very well (I don’t want to reveal her name). The moment I saw her, I greeted with a pleasant smile, but in turn the response what I got was bad. She didn’t even exchange her smile and behaved strangely as if she didn’t know me.

Question no 1 to visitors :
What went wrong in the above situation?
What was the cause of this strange behavior?

Ugly moment number two:

This moment would have crossed in all guys life like me. Few well known girls will always chat and SMS so freely and continuously, but the same thing is not repeated when they happen to meet me. By this chatting relationship, I voluntarily went and spoke to her. Again the result was great insult. And vice versa is also happening.

Question no 2 to visitors :
What is the reason behind this strange behavior?

There are many rotten pages in my life book because of girls (few), I will share this in future after seeing the responses for this post. Please leave your valid reasons and remedies to get out of this decay through comment section. Type your comments as a final conclusion for these ongoing insults. Please help me to get rid of these insults in future.


i would like to tag this to RAJA, VIJAY, SAMBU, SAMBA......


Swaminathan said...

Correct macha.. I too agree with u. I m not blaming all the girls,but many of them are having the mentality of wat u portrayed in ur post. Atleast by seeing this post i think they will change their attitude. As i m tagged with u. I will say more about this in my next post....

swathi said...

hey not all gals r so..
i accept der r few who may not reciprocate well in person.. may be they feel shy.. or may be they r in a hurry over some other work
But at this juncture i know that u very well knw about me and " i am not one who suits the post quoted"

Sugar & Spice said...

At times i have faced similar situations with guys swathy pointed out they may feel shy..secondly since u meet them in public place with people around u..they feel reluctant..4 paer oru ponnu paiyan peasuna ena soluvanga nu nenaipanga( just my assumption):-) after wait for gals to smile at u..or say hi to u..then reciprocate

rajarajeswari said...

oye!!!!!it is not like that.
might be the girl might have someproblem in her eyes also ella!

be optimistic!haha!

search for a better reason always!

Dogastray said...

people !!! of all the species we are blessed with an extra sense .. with a sense of extra perception and individualism ..

and still girls ( even boys) are like this .. cheer up people its 2008 .. most of the times its girls who do this !!

@ Yakkaji .. If we are still afraid of society ,... guess we cant do anything .. society is a load of crap .. even if we do something good the load u in a trash can !!!

If u r afraid of ur inner soul .. that's enough !!!

GIRLS !!! cheer up !!!


Hey mach,these things happen in everyones life,not in your alone.They are lik that and we cant expect an change!