Thursday, January 17, 2008

Third test at perth........

The third test between India and Oz is not only just a match, it is a war between the two countries. After the controversial second match at Sydney, all eyes turned towards this match. Third test is now held at perth, a paradise for pace attack. The Oz are known for their pace attack. In this match they are playing with four seamers. In first innings, India managed to get 320 runs. Indian middle order (sachin and rahul) did the fair job to get that score. Yet again Dhoni and Jaffer failed to impress the crowd. Tail enders only managed to get just below 20 runs. But the Indian medium pacers did their homework well. Irfan, Anil and Ishannt managed to get two wickets each. RP Singh took four wickets. India took oz wickets at regular intervals. Oz managed to get only 212 in their first innings that with help of only one good partnership between Symonds and gillchrist. Both managed to get half century in quick manner. In this match the beauty is the Symonds wicket by Anil. Because this was his 600th wicket in his test career. Yet another mile stone for jumbo. He will be the role model for our Indian players.

Right now Indians are in strong position. They have to set at least 400 as the winning target and allow the oz to chase this grand total for 2 full day. Definitely they go for the kill. Indian medium pacer should bowl in the right spot, as they did it in the first innings and push the oz down.

Come on india……. Teach a nice lesson to the arrogant oz..

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