Thursday, January 24, 2008

Love and Hate

I was tagged with this by Raja... What i love and hate...this is simple to me...

I love to eat : I eat all items both veg and non-veg. I like chicken very much. In veg i like sambar. Ham a poor eater but i will taste everything.

I hate to eat : That i will tell after i taste it..

I love to go to : Japan,America,Australia.....

I hate to go : first of all i didnt move anywhere other than my birth place. so i skip this..

I love it when : I am with my friends that in other college symposium, culturals, tour. and i love it when ham dancing..

I hate it when : study for exams..

I love to see : gals, babes, kuttis, figures, etc

I hate to see :A Tantalizing Girl and an opposite kind of boy together. ( viz )

I love to hear : Hot matter........

I hate to hear : Rock music, staffs lecture, moms scolding,...

I would like to tag this to my friends, Mahesh, Dhadi and Samba.

1 comment:

Swaminathan said...

nice post da.. i also have many likes and dislikes like u..