Saturday, January 5, 2008


Hi in this post, I wanna share u about ma experience on first symposium held at Anna University in this New Year. With lots of memories, dedication, confident, joy, I once again entered into Anna University. Because this ma first symposium in this New Year. So I wanted it to make memorable and wanted to start it with a winning style. But right from the beginning something was went wrong one after the other. I was supposed to attend the dumb c event in MATHRIX08 (maths symp). The entry fee was 20 rupees. The prelims started at 3 PM on 4th jan and finals at 9 AM on 5th jan. Ma school friend swati registered for ma whole team (6 members) by paying 120 rupees. She informed me to come at 2 PM on 4th jan sharply. Number of obstacles follows one by one….
  • One of team mate vijay was refused to come to prelims for an utter stupid reason. It really hurts me.
  • I hope he will not do the same further…. One cannot digest if it was really a valid reason.
  • Then I tried three more people to replace him. But all ends in vain.
  • Then I planned to do the prelims without him. I board the bus and reached Anna University. Another obstacle came in the form of Heavy rain, I just entered in with ma fellow team mates.
  • Ma another team mate samba was in totally out of confident. His negative approach made my confident level down.
  • We both finished our prelims in a good manner and returned home.
  • Swati asked me to give back her 120 bugs which she paid for us before. I replied her that “will give you, after winning the dumb c ie., from the prize amount.
  • We all arrived Anna University on jan 5th for finals. This time vijay came but rama did the same. It didn’t hurt me as before. The finals were little bit tough. We performed little sluggish manner. But managed to bag both first and second prize
  • Ma dream came true. We started this year in a good manner. Again swati asked me that 120 bugs. I made her to wait till valedictory function. We finished finals by 10.30AM and valedictory started at 5.00 PM. But I waited patiently to get the prize amount. In meantime swati took us a mini tour to all corners of Anna University. She said it is compulsory to wear tag inside her campus, comedy here is even the dog inside the univ also wearing the tag. Idhu konjam overa illa????????

  • Here comes the most awaited session, the valedictory function. We thought the prize was around 1k bugs at least. But they gave us 5 books “Boost your hiring IQ”. Who asked that? Imagine I had spent totally 120 bugs, so totally ma team spend 500 bugs. Anna university students engala patha ungaluku pavama ilaya? Intha kodumaya kekka yarume illaya?
  • To swati, I will give back your money later. After my next outing. Ena?


Vinod Balboa said...

dei... ungalukku book koduthaangannu santhosa padu.... We got only certificates for first prize at anna.. andha college pasanga ellam fraud.. prize money-a apdiye amukkiduvaanunga.. naadharinga.. namakku second hand booksum makki pona certifics mattum dhaan kedaikkum...

rajarajeswari said...

SRDf V.V ella tha book kudupanga ennu nanacha,anna university ella yum arambichutangala..hehe..

Be happy that u did not get any Ramayana or freedom fighter's book..haha!

vonga yellarayu vida swathi ta rumba pavam..............

pls ava money kuduthudunga pls........ava yenna vitu vangi kuduka sonna.........pls kudutuda.........

swati yenna epadita solla sonna!na yenna pannurathu ;)

swathi said...

oi dog raaji
y daamge me di
nd all damaged my dep I AM HAPPY
but y me
che che

boobu said...

i will give back ur money as soon as possible

R..Bala said...

vidu machi...Its all in the game da

susmitha said...

adigama asai pada kudhadhu...edo book kudtha padi olunga....why u blame others..un dept func u do well...nala laptop,ipod,hometheatre kudu prize.(invite me den)...swathi total damage panite pavam ya......

swathi i feel 4 u..iduku da distance maintain pannum...alati un bank balance nil agum