Thursday, January 17, 2008

I signed up for PPP!

I started my blog on August, 07. Till now I posted around 50 posts. Then I came to know about the PayPerPost through my friend who is also having blog. He told me that PayPerPost is the website which offers the bloggers to find advertiser, who is willing to pay you for the content they need. Then he explained me about the necessary thing that one should possess to attain the eligibility for applying PayPerPost. All we need to do is to update our blog constantly, without any adult content and unwanted videos, photos or stuffs like that. And our blog should have enough popularity, decent Back Links and ample amount of Visitors. If you are confident that you possess the above criteria then you can apply for PayPerPost.

PayPerPost is a website that will show the way to make money through out blog.The advertiser gives you offer according to certain criteria like Google Page Rank, Alexa Page Rank, Real Rank, etc. After submitting the sponsored post, PayPerPost will review the blog to ensure that the contents of post are relevant to their topic and it must fulfill the terms and conditions of the PayPerPost. If it fulfills the above rules then they will offer you the money they promised to our desired account.

The money that I am going to earn through PayPerPost will be used for my higher studies and charity works. I am greatly thankful to the PayPerPost team for accepting my blog.

*This is a paid review

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