Thursday, January 17, 2008

Do you think India should continue with Dhoni and Jaffer?

Dhoni and Jaffer both again failed to score the runs. Dhoni, vice captain of team india yet again forget to score the runs. His batting history in overseas is very poor. He not even scored even one half century in this tour.

Is it fair to play with Dhoni? When someone like Dinesh karthick is sitting out. His batting history in overseas is tremendous. He played superb in the both South Africa and England. He also did well in the practice match in the Canberra. Why can’t you pick Karthick instead of Dhoni?

Dhoni is really a coward man. I say the reason. We all know Dhoni, Yuvraj and Jaffer are all in out of form, when we played the practice match in Canberra. In second innings, Jaffer came to bat after the wicket of Sehwag. Then Yuvraj came to bat after the wicket of Jaffer. It’s all well and good. Then why Dhoni didn’t step into the field after the wicket of Yuvraj? Instead he made inform Dravid to bat. Then I thought he might be come to after the wicket of Karthick. But to my surprise Irfan came to bat. He declared the second innings without his presence in batting.

Is he fit to play the test match?

In next match, Team India should drop both the Jaffer and Dhoni. Instead of these, Karthick and Bajji should play the match in Adelaide. Sehwag and Karthick should open the innings.

Do you agree with this gamble?


ankur said...

no wayz dhoni is a pure match

dhoni can destroy oppostion n has a fear in deir maind which is imp.......kaarthik is a gr8 young man nbut he does nt fear da opposition.

dhoni has played match winning inningz earlierr......

148 vs pak
80* vs eng in draw
59 vs pak
n many which kaaaaaaaarthik has nt

karthik is a fine player but v need flamboyance n atttitude

i think kaarthik has his own role n he can open but DHONI is v v v v imp

arun said...

nice post machi.... posted well...

gani said...

I agree wit u totally bcoz dhoni is not playing well in recent times.
Wit Kaarthick showed some good character in canberra match,he should have been picked and replaced dhoni. But wat to do he is taking his place for granted as he is t vice captain of GREAT INDIAN TEAM.
I was not in a mood to describe the playing style of DHONI. As we all know his playing style looks like MAANGA ADIGIRATHU(In tamil).
I hav lot more to say, but it'll look dominating your another post. So I'm logging off now.

Let's hope tat INDIA makes HISTROY again by stopping the AUSTRALIAN's Winnig streak.

Swaminathan said...

yes i agree with u.. they both are not needed in the team..

Saikat said...

Dhoni .. in pitches like aus.. his kind of batsman with no technique, is a burden to the team. He should be replaced by Karthik.

sree said...

dhoni is an utter waste for the indian team
perhaps the most over rated player in indian cricket.
A man of few performances and resting on the laurels for long
i seriously doubt his position in the team
A player with succesive failures deserves no place in the team just because he is a keeper when stalwarts like dravid & ganguly find it making tough.

and please flamboyance and attitude sans performance is precarious

we have keepers like karthik and parthiv patel(who is scoring heavily in domestic cricket)

and to add the woes ,dhoni's intrusion in axing out ganguly is absolutely un acceptable.